“Why don’t you buy a headphone” 10-year-old son who murdered his mother… American ‘Balak’

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A shocking incident took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where a 10-year-old boy shot and killed his mother.

The Associated Press reported on the 1st (local time) that prosecutors charged a boy with first-degree reckless homicide in custody and indictment after pointing a gun at his mother and then shooting her.

Previously, the prosecution judged this case to be a ‘tragic accident’ to begin with and prosecuted the boy for manslaughter without custody, but this was confirmed through a re-investigation.

The incident, which happened at around 7am on the 21st of last month, happened at the boy’s house.

In a police statement, the boy said, “I went down to the basement laundry room where my mother was doing laundry after finding a gun in my mother’s bedroom.”

The police, who believed the boy’s statement, judged it to be accidental, not intentional. As a result, the boy was allowed to stand trial without being arrested. However, the boy’s lies were exposed a day later by a relative who took temporary care of him.

When a relative asked the boy about the situation at the time, he admitted, “I pointed a gun at my mother and my mother told me to ‘put the gun down’.”

Relatives said the boy showed no signs of grief or self-blame for his mother’s death. He even said that he bought an Oculus Virtual Reality (VR) by accessing a mall with his mother’s account immediately after his mother’s death.

Relatives also revealed that the boy had serious mental health problems by revealing that the boy had severely abused dogs and burned the furniture in the house with flammable liquid.

After a report from a relative, police said that upon further questioning, the boy admitted to shooting his mother because she refused to buy him a VR headset.

The boy is currently awaiting trial in a juvenile detention facility.

Under Wisconsin law, children age 10 and older can be punished as adults for certain felony crimes, including first-degree intentional murder, first-degree reckless murder, and first-degree attempted murder.

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