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Why everyone loves “Kante”

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I love the scene where Chelsea players look at N’Golo Kante with a smile, white teeth and lifting the UEFA Champions League trophy.

It was a glimpse of admiration.

“Well, you are sure, friend.”

In fact, it’s not just the players in the blue world. Because anyone should have looked at Kante with these eyes as well.

It is really a value that he deserves.

Kante’s stats from the war against Manchester City at the Dragao Arena, Porto read: 100% tackle, 100% pass the opponent through, 0 let the opponent pass and 0 fouls.

Yes, despite playing in the defensive midfield, Kante didn’t lose a single foul. In a fast-paced, fluid game, and outwit each other all the time.

Worse than that Is that he was also recorded that More than any Chelsea player in the game despite being the shortest on the pitch at just 5ft 5in.

It is not surprising that Why was he named Player of the Match for the 2021 UEFA Champions League?

But what is remarkable is The same person I was recently selected as the best player for both playoff matches.

Chasing a list of midfield players who have been the “Man of the Match” in Europe’s biggest cup finals of the century, before he found out that people were not ordinary.

Zinedine Zidane, Deco, Steven Gerrard, Xabier Nandes and Andres Iniesta

Kante no longer awkwardly steps up to the top of these world-class players.

Many of you may have forgotten what happened to Kante in the past 5 years.

World Championship, 2-time Premier League champions, FA Cup, Europa League and UEFA Champions League.

He is really sure.

But one thing that shows Kante is “absolutely terrifying” is his success each time. Happened under a unique coach

He doesn’t have any adjustment problems. Let’s just let him play football.

Because football is his life. And it’s always been like that.

Since the date of the establishment of the determination that Will choose this path He never wandered off the track.

About 10 years ago, he played in the French 9th division with the Suresnes suburb of Paris before moving to Soubboulogn and gradually progressing from the tier six reserve team to level five.

He admitted that the idea of ​​pursuing a career as an accountant as he studied secretly sprang up in his mind. But when he brought himself up to Boulogne’s first-team team in the third division until it led to his first professional contract, Kante never thought of anything other than football.

One teammate, Cedric Fabien, once told local media: “Off the pitch he’s sober, but on the pitch he’s like a demon in my life, I’ve never seen anyone run, run and run as crazy as him before. He also has a very strong physical condition. He can finish the game. And continue to run the marathon comfortably ”

In Boulogne in the years 2010-2013, Kante didn’t have enough money to buy a car to drive. But he has never been interested and is comfortable with riding a tiny scooter. Go to practice and go home

Kante’s field performance speaks for everything, and he’s leveling up.

Boulogne finished the season 13th in the Third Division, with Kante missing out on just one out of 38 games in the 2012/13 season, until the Ligue 1 side’s bigger team Caen seized. He joined for free.

It was a great decision for trainer Patrice Garde as not only did Kante help Caen advance to Ligue 1, but he also played a key role in making the club survive in the top French league. For another year as well

It took Kante only 3 years to travel from the sixth division of the country to the Ligue 1 stage.

Until 2015, it was reported that he was attracted by perfume giants like Olympic Marseille.

Kante admitted he wanted to follow in the footsteps of club legends like Franck Ribery and Samir Nasri, plus “Oham” as his favorite team.

But in the end Fate also led Kante to move to Leicester’s King Power Stadium.

And the rest is history …

One of the history that is still being told in the team. “Siam Fox” Is Kante’s simplicity

He moved to Leicester in August 2015 for £ 5.6 million and decided to opt for a small used mini car. Despite the potential to retire the luxury supercar like other professional peers.

While Daniel Taylor, a reporter under the media as “The Guardian” Revealed, citing a reliable source as Kante’s ex-friend at Leicester, that the hard-working man actually did not want a car because he really wanted to run for training. And run home rather than

“There has been a lot of talk about Kante wanting to drive a mini instead of an expensive luxury car that is the dream car of many people, but when Kante moved to Leicester, he wasn’t even sure. that Want to have a private car It’s more than that, when Kante thought about the possibility of running and training every day, but was protested by his friends. That’s not normal in the Premier League, ”Taylor once recalled in his own exclusive column.

On the pity of the French star. Confirmed by Master Khanongpot Sitthishanon Who takes care of the Thai youth at Leicester that Kante is a very admired player in the modern football world Aiming to create results in the field with the pace, intending to practice, never argues with anyone. Especially Never superfluous Because he knew well that the family Relatives come from hardships. The money earned from the football is spent economically.

“When we were in Leicester, we were close enough Go to eat together often He’s renting a flat, ordinary room. There is no TV in the room, no refrigerator, he drives a used car, doesn’t like to travel and loves peace. We jokingly asked him why he didn’t buy it. He smiled and replied: Do you know the money to buy this watch? Take it to feed 20 relatives in my hometown for up to 1 year! “

After moving to Chelsea, Kante is still in the same minivan. More is a broken screen mobile phone too. Even recently, old friend Jamie Vardy has just released the news that The diligent kicker has successfully replaced a new car. After having the opportunity to inquire about the well being

But do you know Kante’s new car is “A new car that is not new”

He kept the same concept. Is choosing to buy a mini car of the same model that was 4 years ago exactly, which is now out of date And it can be bought for as little as £ 10,345 (about £ 10,345), a fraction of his wages earned at Stamford Bridge at £ 150,000 a week.

The same car that had been hit by a truck and turned off, but Kante still drove to the training, looking so indifferent to his friends in 2018, the latest report states that He sent it over a boat back to France. For use when returning to rest at home Without selling it at all

Kante is not too frugal. If you look back on his past life path Would understand that Why is he such a person?

He has traveled far more than he would have today.

Steve Walsh, a former Leicester scout, is credited as the discoverer of this beautiful black diamond. Used to say it in an interesting way

“The character is very important. And you can see quite a bit by watching him on the field. ”

Small Kante Kajidrid But never feared his opponent He is ready to battle with all the players in the world. And all teammates are always at ease when he is in the team

Former Chelsea star Eden Hazard admits Kante is one of the best players in the world. And is a person who makes himself scoring many goals

The French national team mates praised Kante as well, with Blaise Matuidi composed a song after the game where “Kaien” won Argentina 4-3 in the 2018 World Cup round of 16, saying “N’Golo Caen. Te He is small but can stop Lionel Messi. ”

While Kante refused to take the compliment solely By simply saying “No, no, no, we do it together as a team.”

Since moving to the Bridge, the hardworking young man Kante has averaged a successful fight, cutting off the path of his opponent. And win the ball once every 5.8 minutes in both the league And the European Cup

He has stolen the ball 1,350 times, 493 tackle and 360 intercept.

Considered the high work rate

Do you know why all of your friends look at Kante raising the cup with such tender eyes?

For Kante, he is not just admirable on the pitch. But also off the field

Kante once fell off a train because he hadn’t arrived at the station in time. So decided to go to the ceremony room of King’s Cross Station to wait for the next trip. There he met many football fans before a fan of Arsenal asked him to eat at home.

It turns out that Kante smiled and nodded. Okay. This work, in addition to sizzling chicken curry at the fan’s house, Edd. He’s still holding joy and playing video games. And watched TV with the family of the rival team without holding it

I am full and have fun going home again.


This is the latest pool shop in England. Odds adjusted, Kante will win the 2021 ballon at 11/1 price (bet 1 get 11, excluding capital).

But before that day, Kante still has work to wait for the next few days.

He was recently named the sixth player in history to win the UEFA Champions League, Premier League and World Cup title, following Thierry Henri (France), Fabien Barctez (France). ), Chuliano Belletti (Brazil), Gerard Pique (Spain) and Pedro (Spain).

His next station is Euro 2020 with the France national team.

Performance in the European Cup of his. It will be another indicator of how well Kante is in the prestigious Ballon d’Or award.

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