Why FC Liverpool and Manchester United were not able to attract 'Mancenaries'; Man City match - Stuart Brennan

Manchester City were the “mercenaries”, the “little club with a little view”, with only another shooting star that would make no sense of the football galaxy.

They were nouveau riches upstarts whose oil money couldn't place them at the upper table of clubs titled.

There were not many Blues who had long been convinced that the 2008 election would end well – they would sing, with a typical shoe comedy, that they were “going down a billion in the bank”.

Even when the incoming money started, and when the investment was in the club's entire infrastructure, and not only in the window dressing of major players to buy names, the cynicism remained majestic.

Chelsea's new wealth has resulted in the premiership of Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool's top sportsmen and women.

Sir Alex Ferguson discouraged the City as a “small club with little intent” and as “gloomy neighbors”, his almost tangible contempt.

The implication was clear – the Blues were very grumpy, a dying phenomenon that would come together as quickly as they came.

After all, the only thing they had to offer was hard cash – why would any half-footballer want to play on a club that has no history, no glory?

These lifts had confidence in believing that they would continue to attract the big names, and that the City could not build a true descent based on unsympathetic cash foundations.

Despite all the margins, stars like Sergio Aguero and David Silva, pictured in 2011, have gone around the City.
Despite all the margins, stars like Sergio Aguero and David Silva, pictured in 2011, have gone around the City.

The events of the last 10 years have been wrongly wrong, and showed the durability of the City squad that.

Liverpool, because of their arrogant faith that “This Means More” – perhaps the greatest motto associated with the history of football – is trying to resort to their players.

A timely look at them and a progressive City for the title five years ago shows that their main players in the triumph of 3-2 have won the title for them almost, after moving on to new pastures.

Luis Suarez, Philippe Coutinho and Raheem Sterling chose to leave Liverpool more – not to get more money, but for titles and career enhancement.

Before them, it was Javier Mascherano and Fernando Torres. For all their history and self-esteem, Liverpool has struggled for the players over the past decade.

Arsenal's door shut hardly stopped, and a player after a player ran out – half of them to enter the City!

United succeeded better, and maybe it was an event that Angel Di Maria had more about mismanagement.

But they are already facing a fight to keep Paul Pogba away from Real Madrid's understanding, which also emerged in a fax machine malfunction which gave relief to the Reds of David of a few years back.

In contrast, the City succeeded in making the “other” mood, and other sneers, in a united force – they have built a squad around a friendship that makes their nose look at such concepts.

Raheem left Sterling Liverpool to enter the City
Raheem left Sterling Liverpool to enter the City

Vincent Kompany joined before the takeover but was never truly treated, and Sergio Aguero and David Silva are within sight of the certificate years.

Both of these players are popular again and again that they move to Madrid or Barcelona, ​​without any foundation, and yet they are firmly adhering to the City, even though they can earn so much money. to make from La Liga.

Indeed, so much so that the City took something that players would like to be part of, they forced the US and Liverpool to receive pay bills.

Liverpool made 26 per cent last week, and they had to spend a lot of money on pay and wages to keep Virgil Van Dijk out of the hands of the City.

Then Manchester Reds focused on the best of £ 500,000 a week reported to attract Alexis Sanchez, a City close to dealing.

It is no longer clear who the trades are, and indeed what clubs have a “small mindset”.


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