Why haven’t I improved my jumping power after squatting for a long time?

Why haven’t I improved my jumping power after squatting for a long time?


Being able to dunk has always been the dream of many men who play basketball, and in order to achieve their goals, many people started training in the gym, hoping to improve their muscle strength and vertical jumping power through squats, but although squats have been practiced for a long time, and the weight is not too light, but I still can’t touch the frame Why can’t I jump higher after I practice squatting?

Hip, knee, ankle and swing arm explosion for more air time and height

First, let’s analyze the action of bouncing. The action of bouncing is to react with the ground, and use the relative muscle strength of the lower limbs Through the coordinated explosion of the hip, knee and ankle joints, the swing arm is added to increase time and height of the sky, complete the jump steps.

Then let’s look back at the execution pattern of the squat. When resisting resistance, from the bottom to the stance, although the hip, knee, and ankle joints have synergistic effects, because there is no simultaneous explosion at first the training benefit is to focus more on muscle strength rather than explosiveness.

So what should I do to help bounce?

If you really want to improve your jumping power through training, you can refer to the following methods:

1. squat

You read that right, one of the ways to improve jumping power is squatting, but it won’t be a traditional muscle hypertrophy training method, but adding a 1/4 squat and a concentric phase to full speed.

Statistics show that the range of motion of the squat is the smallest (1/4 squat), because the angle of sprinting and jumping are related, it helps the body to convert kinetic energy and help improve jumping performance. In the concentric phase, the purpose is to activate the acceleration concept of the central nervous system, and use the “stretch reflex” method to make the body emit the maximum force in a very short period of time.

2. Increase muscle mass

According to the study of vertical jumping, the thigh contributes 40%, and the front of the thigh contributes 25%, and the extensibility of the tendon is also related to the smoothness of the explosion. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the erector spinae, extensors thigh, quadriceps and femoral muscles Calf muscle training to improve muscle mass and stiffness of tendons and ligaments.

3. Lift weight

Because Olympic weightlifting can better use the hip, knee and ankle joints, and can better simulate the movement of jumping, it is more effective than resistance training in improving vertical jumping performance, while traditional resistance training does not change vertical height jump a lot.difference.

4. Relax

Having a good range of hip flexors and ankle mobility can not only make your squat deeper and more stable, but also make your jump less restrictive, and arm swing is closely related to vertical jump height, so remember relax your Latissimus back and shoulder joints, let your joints have a good range of motion and muscle flexibility in the best condition.

In addition, through plyometric training, reducing the foot contact time, etc., these are also ways to help improve jumping power, but no matter what type of training, understand the principle behind it before implementing it, and is not highly recommended. to learn by video , If you have any problems, you must ask for the help of a professional trainer so that you will not be injured due to small losses!

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