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Why is Apple iOS not open?Cook shows off Android “dangerous data” counterattack-Free News 3C Technology

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Compared with Android system users who can download Apk to install apps by themselves, Apple iOS has always been more closed, allowing only apps on the App Store to be installed. Why is there such a strategy? Apple CEO Tim Cook recently discussed this topic again at the VivaTech online event.

iOS restricts the installation of apps. In the face of the Digital Markets Act (Digital Markets Act) established by the European Union in recent years, it may be suspected of monopoly. Cook responded that allowing sideloading is not in the best interests of users. If iOS is opened to download apps in other malls, the original security of the iPhone will be undermined, and Apple has many privacy measures in the App Store, such as tracking transparency, Permissions and so on.

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Cook said that if it were not for the use of Apple ecosystem products, the protection mechanism would not exist, and there would be privacy and security concerns. He also pointed out that Android has 47 times more malware than iOS, thanks to Apple’s binding of the ecosystem to a fixed app store, and all apps need to be reviewed before they can be put on the shelves.

When it comes to privacy, Cook emphasized that Apple regards it as a “fundamental human right.” He quoted the late founder Steve Jobs as saying that privacy is to use simple and understandable text to inform users who are registering an account. Rights, and get their permission, and keep repeating the inquiry. Cook even stated that in addition to agreeing with the current European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), he will even support stricter privacy regulations.

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