Why is Nothing Phone gaining attention all over the world?

name of Nothing Phone Appearing on the pages of IT media around the world Contrary to the smartphone market, the end of Q2 – the beginning of Q3 is quite lonely. What makes the first mobile phone from the camp Nothing flows on this size ? And is it really successful? Or just the current that has passed and gone

Nothing Phone

Nothing Company was founded by Carl Pei. Ever made history with OnePlus that day, 1+ is a smartphone that Geek, Tech Enthusiasm must possess, able to Mod, Upgrade, very independent. However, after Carl Pei gave up the ship in 2020 to establish Nothing (Part Pete Lau Sit as OPPO’s CPO) OnePlus products have been reduced to just OPPO’s ‘sub-brand’.

Nothing PhoneNothing Phone

Nothing Ear1

Carl Pei’s reputation has caught the attention of leading media outlets. At first there wasn’t much. Until the release of Nothing Ear1 In Thailand, sold through Lazada (Exclusive) – https://bit.ly/3yDBT1R It’s hilarious as well. Even though Thai brothers do not sell raw materials, they sell very well. because there are 10 20 brands of headphones on the market

Nothing PhoneNothing Phone

However, the first punch of Nothing is ‘smartphone‘ Carl Pei told the media that The leading brand in the market produces Devices according to the needs of users through intense research and data collection, but … all of them do the same. Making the market too ‘boring’

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  • https://www.techradar.com/opinion/nothing-phone-1-why-people-are-willing-to-pay-thousands-for-an-unknown-smartphone
  • https://www.engadget.com/interview-with-nothing-ceo-carl-pei-thinks-everyone-elses-smartphones-are-boring-090011028.html

Hmm.. I agree with the smartphone industry.’lack of new‘ A long time ago, due to the Covid-19 situation, Supply Shock, including higher production costs, inflation, lower sales, manufacturers decided to delay the release of new products. Emphasis on Yum Ruammit. The arrival of Nothing makes the market happen.excitement‘ Again, even if the specification, function, camera is not the best.

Nothing PhoneNothing Phone

Late June 2022 Nothing Open for Auction Nothing Phone ‘First lot‘ Through StockX 100 devices, it appears that the highest Bidding price touches 100,000 ++ baht. This group received the device in early August 2022 from this trend, clearly confirming that People who dare pay to be the first owner. For whatever reason, at the same time The actual selling price is approx. 13,000-15,000 baht only

Nothing PhoneNothing Phone

foreign media said Hyper-Hype all together This kind of trend has long since disappeared, even Apple itself still can’t do with the product coming out last year with a unique design, clear back cover, LED, specification + price, not difficult to touch (normal price). Seriously, people buy because they hold and look. From Mars, I still know it. Use ‘Nothing Phone‘ This is what many people want. Uniqueness !

Nothing PhoneNothing Phone

Did you enter Thailand?

Nothing Phone confirmed to be sold in Thailand 100% Recruiting Thai staff (to coordinate the Global team with agents) and negotiate with various platforms to sell It is expected that the main focus is on online distribution. But who will the lottery go down? have to wait There are many factors such as cost, sales, marketing, PR, etc. because it is a new brand and the demand is relatively low (I think I can only sell Tech, people who want to play, Carl Pei / OnePlus fans, which is not a big group.)

Now look at the web page. https://th.nothing.tech/pages/pre-order, please wait.

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