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A few days ago, the front design of Xiaomi Civi 2 was announced in advance. This time, a long pill hole was replaced. Although there are two built-in proactive cameras, it is a little lacking in aesthetics.

As for why this was done, Hu Xinxin, a beauty product manager born in the 1990s, also released a long article to answer the design of Xiaomi Civi 2.

First of all, he said that the goal of Xiaomi Civi 2 this time is very clear, that is to specialize in video,To make Xiaomi’s strongest front-facing selfie, it also needs to be a flagship rear-facing camera.

The dual 32 million front-facing cameras Mi Civi 2 uses two identical Sensors, just like “eyes” with excellent dual vision,There is a large aperture and an ultra-wide angle, without compensating the number or compromising, all of them have great resolution performance and image quality.

At the same time, the machine is also equipped with multi-color temperature and four soft light, three-speed adjustable to adapt to different scenes, vitality, cold white skin, lazy wind, different styles are built and their production.

To do this, it is almost inevitable that the pills dig holes.

The main rear camera not only uses the well-known IMX766, but also has an ED ultra-low dispersion optical glass lens, which has better edge image quality during daytime shooting, higher light transmission and noise reduction performance better during night shooting.

  With a significant improvement in the front and rear camera hardware, the Mi Civi 2 is also equipped with the Mi Imaging Brain, which makes the camera startup speed, picture taking speed, Selfie speed, and night scene speed to all improved compared to the previous generation.




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