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Why keep paying?Expert: The CCP is concerned about the “Lithuanian model” | Diplomatic demotion | One China Policy | Taiwan Representative Office in Lithuania

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[Epoch Times November 22, 2021](The Epoch Times reporters Lin Cenxin and Luo Ya interviewed and reported) The “Taiwan Representative Office in Lithuania” recently opened in the Lithuanian capital, angering the CCP and downgrading diplomatic relations between the two countries to charge d’affaires class. There is heated discussion outside, why does the CCP not directly sever diplomatic relations with Lithuania? According to expert analysis, the model of severance of diplomatic relations will benefit the expansion of Taiwan’s diplomatic space and will also impact Sino-European relations.

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Lithuania’s Taiwan Representative Office is supported by the United States and the European Union

Taiwan’s representative office in Lithuania was established on the 18th in Vilnius, the capital. This is the first time that Taiwan has set up a pavilion under the name of “Taiwan Representative Office” in a non-diplomatic country. In the past, it was named “Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office” or “Taipei Office.”

On the same day, Uzra Zeya, Deputy Secretary of State of the United States, went to the Lithuanian Garden. After meeting with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Lance Burgess, the United States rejected attempts by “other countries” to interfere in Lithuania’s relations with Taiwan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China expressed strong dissatisfaction and solemn protest, and decided to downgrade the diplomatic relations between China and Lithuania from the level of ambassador to the level of charge d’affaires.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania expressed regret for this and reiterated that it adheres to the “One China” policy and has the right to expand cooperation with Taiwan, accept and expand non-diplomatic representative offices, and promote substantive economic and trade exchanges.

The EU does not believe that this is a violation of the EU’s “One China” policy and reiterated its support for Lithuania’s position.

The last time the CCP downgraded diplomatic relations at the ambassador level to the charge d’affaires level occurred in 1981, when the Netherlands sold submarines to Taiwan. The two countries did not resume their diplomatic relations at the ambassador level until 1984. This is the second diplomatic move in the past 40 years.

On the same day when the downgrade was announced, Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese Communist Party’s official media “Global Times”, clamored that the downgrade decision was a warning, “If Lithuania takes further destructive actions on the Taiwan issue, China may sever diplomatic relations with it.”

Lu Media’s surging news quoted Chinese scholar Cui Hongjian as saying that the reason why China did not sever diplomatic relations was to avoid excessive impact on Sino-European relations. If the two countries really sever diplomatic relations, “Lithuania’s opposition to China-related issues within the EU will become unscrupulous.” .

Whether the Chinese Communist Party adopted the means of severing diplomatic relations in the Lithuanian incident seems to be a threat to rats.

Guo Yuren, a professor at the Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Regions at Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan, told The Epoch Times on the 22nd that the Beijing authorities are trying to make Lithuania an individual event, rather than developing it into a model.

“If China is to sever diplomatic ties directly with Lithuania because Taiwan is allowed to set up a representative office, it will become a model, and other countries may repeat this model (several severance of diplomatic ties), which will cause Taiwan’s overall diplomatic situation to become better. This is the main reason why the CCP has invested in rat avoidance devices.” Guo Yuren said.

He said that especially Taiwan’s recent interactions and friendship with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and other countries may become the “next Lithuania.” This is something the CCP wants to avoid.

Zhao Lijian emphasized warnings, corrections and no mention of severing diplomatic relations

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China, Zhao Lijian, was asked at a regular press conference on the 22nd whether China intends to sever diplomatic relations with Lithuania. He did not directly respond to whether it would consider severing diplomatic ties, but said that the current decision of the Chinese side has fully reflected its solemn position. “Lifang should correct the mistakes immediately.”

Chen Yonglin, a former diplomat of the CCP consulate in Sydney, analyzed the Epoch Times on the 22nd, “Why didn’t diplomatic relations be broken directly? It shows that the CCP still has hope for him and hopes that (Lithuania) will come back in the future, not wanting to cut this relationship completely, and will continue to monitor Taiwan. Activities there.”

Chen Yonglin analyzed, “To some extent, the CCP accepts double recognition, but he can’t swallow this breath for the time being, and he loses too much face.” The agency’s name is Taiwan, which is equivalent to highlighting the country’s name. “So the CCP treats diplomacy Downgrading, but still diplomatic relations, is equivalent to acknowledging the “double recognition” of Lithuania.”

Fan Shiping, a professor at the Political Research Institute of National Taiwan Normal University, said recently that Lithuania maintained diplomatic relations with the CCP and established a “Taiwan Representative Office”, which has become a precedent for a kind of “double recognition.” It is estimated that other Baltic countries will follow suit.

Money diplomacy doesn’t work?Recognize Taiwan as a trend

Can the CCP’s diplomatic downgrade of Lithuania prevent the spread of the “Lithuanian model” to Central and Eastern European countries?

Guo Yuren gave examples of his participation in a video conference held by think tanks in Central and Eastern European countries, including Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and other countries. The longing for the whole thing spread.”

Guo Yuren said that regardless of disinformation or information warfare, these countries have suffered greatly from it and have experienced painful pain. “They are also very aware of the tactics used by communist countries.”

Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin said that resistance by small countries like Lithuania to the CCP was rare in the past. “In the past, even large Western countries followed the CCP’s economic magic wand. Small countries value economic interests more and are more likely to succumb to the CCP’s Money diplomacy.”

Chen Yonglin said that in recent years, many countries have begun to sober up, and are concerned about the CCP’s use of economic and trade relations to covert and exert influence. After all, Taiwan is a democratic government and has the same values. Future interactions with Taiwan will be more open and frequent. “Every country will start from protecting its own interests, basic values, and national security, and recognize Taiwan more. This is the trend of the entire world.”

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