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Why Lithuania has broken China? With the Slate of the Sino-US Cold War in Europe – Post Today Around the World

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Why Lithuania has broken China? with the Sino-US Cold War in Europe

Date 21 Nov 2021 time 11:40

Taiwan is the cause reduce relations with Lithuania The United States replaced What happened in the relationship between Lithuania, China, Taiwan and the US?

1. Lithuania lost its independence and was annexed to the Soviet Union. But neither the People’s Republic of China nor the Republic of China (Taiwan) accepted the annexation of Lithuania to the Soviet Union. Until Lithuania gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1992 the embassy of the People’s Republic of China was opened in Vilnius, and in 1995 the Lithuanian embassy was established. up in beijing

2. Until entering the era “Trade War” and “New Cold War” between China and the United States. Relations between China and Lithuania were hit hard. It is unbelievable that a small country Lithuania, for example, will stand up to challenge China honestly. At a time when countries were bigger and more influential than in Europe. “Oh China” for economic reasons.

3. Liuthuanian-China Relations shake hard In June 2020, Lithuania openly opposed Hong Kong’s national security law in a statement addressed to the UN Human Rights Council. Later in May 2021 The Lithuanian parliament also passed a resolution recognizing the genocide of Uighurs and calling on the Chinese government to revoke Hong Kong’s national security law.

4. Chinese authorities have responded by blacklisting some Lithuanian politicians. But the situation worsened when Taiwan was involved. In August 2021, the Taiwanese government opened a representative office in Vilnius under the name “Taiwan”, the first Taiwan representative office under this name in Europe. And the Lithuanian office in Taipei will open by the end of 2021.

5. This is a big concern because in order to maintain the “One China” policy, countries with relations with Taiwan that allow Taiwan’s representative offices must be named “Taipei” (e.g. Economic and Cultural Affairs Office). Taiwan’s name instead of Taipei indicates the independence and independence of Taiwan. and the more the status The “Taipei Office” is more of Taiwan’s de facto embassy. which China cannot accept

6. In response in august China has summoned China’s ambassador to Vilnius, Shen Zhifei. and called on Lithuania to recall its ambassador in Beijing, Diana Mikkeviciane, to the country, which in practice trumped diplomatic relations. Trade between the two countries was also severely disrupted.

7. Taiwan opened its de facto embassy in Lithuania on Thursday, November 18, with Taiwan’s foreign ministry saying the opening of the office would “It opens a new era and a promising path” for Taiwan-Lithuanian relations.

8. Of course, China has reacted violently. China’s foreign ministry said the move was It said the Lithuanian side was responsible for all consequences, the statement said. “We call on the Lithuanian side to immediately correct the wrong decision.”

9. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said China would take “all necessary measures” to protect national sovereignty. After Lithuania gave Taiwan permission to open its de facto embassy and said, “Lithuania only blames itself. and will pay for what he has done.”

10. Immediately, that same day (Nov. 18), Lithuania gained immense backing from the United States, Lithuanian Economy Minister Aurinee Armotenite told Reuters after receiving word. It warned from China that Lithuania would sign a $600 million export credit agreement with the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

11. Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke to Gabrielleus. Landsbergis Lithuanian foreign minister in August and agreed on “bilateral coordination action” to help the country withstand pressure from China.

12. “We think economic relations with democratic states are more stable and sustainable. This kind of relationship is based on the rule of law. Therefore, this kind of relationship can better serve Lithuanian interests.” told reporters in Vilnius on Thursday, November 18.

13. Friday, November 19, Uzra Seiya, US Deputy Secretary of State said after a meeting with Lithuanian Foreign Ministers at a news conference in Vilnius: “We reject any attempt by other countries to interfere in Lithuania’s sovereign decision to deepen cooperation with Taiwan,” and “we reaffirm that we support NATO and the Union partners and allies. Our precious Europe

14. Sunday, November 21, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Officially downgraded diplomatic relations with Lithuania to “charge d’affaires” (Charge d’affaires of the embassy, ​​saying “the Chinese government must reduce diplomatic ties between the two countries… to protect sovereignty and the basic norms of international relations.”

15. China also warned again that “The Lithuanian government must bear all consequences arising from this,” the statement said, adding that Lithuania’s actions “Creating a bad role model in the international arena”



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