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Why not buy and distribute the whole vaccine? Supreme Court

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court has asked why the entire Kovid vaccine is not being bought and distributed by the central government. The money given to the companies to produce the vaccine is from public funds. In such a case, the court observed that the vaccine was a public product. The court also asked how the illiterate could register through the Covin portal. The Supreme Court’s observation is in a case taken voluntarily.

The court again questioned the Center regarding the price of Kovid vaccines. The court ruled that the price of the vaccine should be controlled. It is not up to the companies to decide the price. The court pointed out that the center was not exercising power. Why do Indians pay for the Covshield vaccine at a price not available in the United States? Why should the Center and the States have two prices? The court also recommended that vaccine production be increased.

The court observed that the action against those seeking help through social media was aimed at the court and would not allow information to be suppressed. The Supreme Court also stressed that there should be no misconception that complaints made by citizens on social media are wrong.

English Summary: Supreme Court hearing on Covid-19 situation


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