‘Why should I…’ Dae-eun Lee, posted a picture of his days in Japan in the ‘Retirement greetings’ post

Photo = Captured from Lee Dae-eun’s SNS

Former KT Wiz pitcher Lee Dae-eun (33), who announced his sudden retirement, greeted fans directly through his SNS.

Lee Dae-eun posted on her SNS on the 16th, “I think the fans who think of me at the sudden news must have been very surprised. After much thought and contemplation, I made this choice.” “I have no regrets about baseball. However, it is unfortunate that I cannot communicate with my seniors and juniors and fans at the baseball field.”

He continued, “I sincerely thank the KT Wiz family who made good memories of winning the championship.” He also thanked the fans.
The KT team officially announced Lee Dae-eun’s retirement on the 13th. Most of the reactions were that he was about to retire because he was old enough to throw without any major injuries. Above all, the fans are even more regretful about this retirement because Lee Dae-eun received a lot of consideration and help from the Korean professional baseball system and was expected to be a star who will lead the revival of Korean baseball.

Also, in the SNS post where Lee Dae-eun announced his retirement, he uploaded a photo of him wearing a uniform from the Chiba Marines days of Japanese professional baseball, not when he was playing for KT, and there were many fans who expressed regret about it.

Dae-eun Lee signed a contract with the Chicago Cubs in the major leagues in 2007, but did not enter the big leagues, and played for the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan for two years from 2015. After serving in the military at the Police Baseball Team, he was selected by KT with the first overall pick in the 2019 rookie draft, and recorded an ERA of 4.31 in 95 games over 3 seasons, 7 wins, 8 losses, 9 holds, 19 saves.

Reporter Lee Eun-kyung




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