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YouTuber Hikakin went to a waterfall to check the water resistance performance of the “iPhone 14” released on September 16.

[Newyddion trist]All kinds of iPhone 14 Pro series are drowned by the water pressure of a huge waterfall…[Adolygiad agoriadol][iPhone 14 Pro Max][Hikakin TV]

Hikakin, who posts a review video of the new iPhone every year, updated the YouTube channel on the 17th, the day after the release date of the “iPhone 14” series. The video was taken at 9:00am on the 16th. Hikakin entered the Apple Store at the same time as the opening at 8 am on the same day and bought “iPhone 14”, “iPhone 14 Pro”, “iPhone 14 Pro Max” and “Apple Watch Series 8” which was released on the same day .It is said that

Hikakin began the review by pulling the product he brought home from the bag and saying, “I’d like to open it all at once.” It has become a regular occurrence to do so. While reviewing the iPhone 7 series, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 11 series, I put my smartphone in the bathtub, and when I was using the iPhone SE, I wet myself in the bathtub. Also, regarding the iPhone XS, we are also conducting experiments to put it in smoke and pour beer and orange juice. Moreover, from the iPhone 12 series, Hikakin started diving into the pool. In the review video of the iPhone 13 series released in September last year, a body stretching experiment was carried out by jumping from a height of 5 meters.

Based on these videos from the past, Hikakin blurted out, “I look forward to seeing me jump in every year, okay?” He said it was because he felt his life was in danger in a video last year, and explained, “I’m 33 years old. I can’t stretch my body anymore, and my iPhone is already over 200,000 yen.” Then, when he was about to comment, “I want to cherish so much this time…”, the video suddenly changed, and Hikakin, who was dressed in white and went to a waterfall, made a demon-like expression, “. ..I don’t think so.!!” he shouted.

Holding the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in both hands, Hikakin is hit by a waterfall while shooting with the camera in the camera. His distressed expression was captured perfectly on two smartphones. The water resistance seems to be excellent too. After finishing the waterfall, Hikakin said, “It was about five times harder than I thought. It was so cold I couldn’t breathe at first…” It’s time to retire from active duty.

Considering that from 8:00 am on September 16th when the iPhone 14 series was released to the evening of the 17th when this video was uploaded, everything from Takigyo’s location, video editing, and video uploading was done, it was an unbelievable forced march. Even with such a tough schedule, Hikakin may continue to reign as a top YouTuber because he provides content that many people are interested in, such as the review of the new iPhone, at a high level of freshness that is not by them.

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