Wi-Fi 7: Twice as Fast and Soon to be Commercialized

Wi-Fi 7: A Game-Changer in Internet Connectivity

Exciting news for tech enthusiasts! Wi-Fi 7, the next generation of wireless internet, is set to revolutionize online experiences with its lightning-fast speed. Promising to be twice as fast as the existing Wi-Fi networks, the commercialization of this cutting-edge technology is just around the corner.

The Rise of Connected Products

Since the introduction of the Wi-Fi 7 standard, the development of connected products has witnessed significant progress. In the near future, a PC controller is slated to hit the market, further fueling the technological advancements in this field.

The Anticipated Game-Changer: The Z790 Motherboard

The eagerly awaited debut of Wi-Fi 7 is anticipated to feature the launch of the Z790 motherboard. Reputed for its exceptional performance, this first-of-its-kind product is expected to leave tech enthusiasts in awe.

Speculations suggest that Gigabyte’s Aorus Z790 Master X, along with several other models prepared by ASUS, will be the first to house this groundbreaking controller. The release date is speculated to coincide with the arrival of the 14th generation core processor, which is slated for next month. Intel’s BE200 or BE202, or even products from Qualcomm or MediaTek, are expected to make their presence felt within these cutting-edge motherboards.

Choosing the Perfect Fit

Considering the impact on the PC market, it is only natural for Intel BE200 and BE202 to emerge as the top contenders. However, there is also a possibility that Qualcomm or MediaTek products might be chosen based on the motherboard’s pricing. Only time will reveal the final decision.

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

For those wondering about the impressive capabilities of Wi-Fi 7, let’s delve into its technical prowess. This wireless internet standard supports 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz frequencies, harnessing the power of channel bonding up to 320MHz and 4096-QAM modulation technology. The result? Mind-boggling data transfer speeds of 5.8Gbps, which is twice as fast as what is currently offered.

This remarkable development in connectivity also boasts an access point (router) that surpasses the standard 2T2R wireless controller speed. Thanks to innovative technologies such as MLO and Multi-RU, it offers a staggering bandwidth of 36Gbps, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

As we eagerly await the commercial release of Wi-Fi 7, anticipation is rife among technology enthusiasts. With its remarkable speed and unparalleled efficiency, this game-changing wireless internet standard is set to redefine our online experiences.

Wi-Fi 7, which is twice as fast as current Wi-Fi speeds, will soon be commercialized. Since the completion of the Wi-Fi 7 standard, the development of connected products has progressed, and it is said that a PC controller will be introduced to the market soon.

The first product, as already known, is expected to be a refresh model of the Z790 motherboard.

This controller was reported to be applied to Gigabyte’s Aorus Z790 Master X and other models being prepared by ASUS. The release date is likely to be next month, when the 14th generation core processor appears, and the installed controller is expected to be Intel’s BE200 or BE202, or a product from Qualcomm or MediaTek.

Considering the influence of the PC market, Intel BE200 and BE202 will naturally be the main products, but there is a possibility that Qualcomm or MediaTek products were chosen depending on the price of the motherboard.

For reference, Wi-Fi 7 is a wireless Internet standard that supports 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz, and uses channel band (bonding) up to 320MHz and 4096-QAM modulation technology to achieve a data transfer speed of 5.8Gbps, twice the current speed that can be provided.

The AP (router), which is faster than the speed of a standard 2T2R wireless controller, was developed to provide a record bandwidth of 36Gbps by adding new technologies such as MLO and Multi-RU.

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