Wi-Fi connection problems with some models of ‘Mac mini’ based on M2 / M2 Pro

▲M2 ▲Mac4Ever, a foreign media outlet, reported that Wi-Fi connection issues are being reported in some of the latest Mac mini models equipped with the ▲M2 Pro chipset.

According to reports, some users of the new Mac mini are complaining that the Wi-Fi speed is slower than usual or that the connection itself is impossible.

One user said, “My recently purchased new Mac mini keeps the Wi-Fi connection disconnecting and reconnecting every 30 seconds.” It is known that this user eventually exchanged it for a new product.

There are also reports of slow ethernet speeds as well as Wi-Fi, but manually disabling AVB/EAV mode may solve the problem. Similar Wi-Fi issues were reported in some models of M1 / ​​M2-based MacBook Pro/Air in December last year, but Apple has fixed them in macOS 13.1.

Therefore, it is expected that the new Mac mini Wi-Fi bug will also be fixed in the next macOS update.

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