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LONDON: English cricketer Stuart Broad has criticized Mankading, who has been described as a “disgraceful expulsion” from the gentlemen’s game, after the Marliban Cricket Club (MCC), a law-making and reform body in white cricket, came to the fore. Broad pointed out that ‘mancoding’ is an expulsion that requires no expertise. Broad argues that if all wickets, including catches, bowls and LBs, require special ability, then Mankading is a wicket that does not require any. While many, including superstar Sachin Tendulkar, have welcomed the reforms related to Mankading, Broad, who is also a bowler, has come out in opposition.

Mankading is the act of bowling the batsman out of the non – striker’s end of the crease before releasing the ball. Former Indian batsman Vinoo Mankad was the first to fire a bat like this, hence the name Mankading. Until now, Mankading has been included in Rule 41 of the MCC (Disrespectful Game). From now on, Mankading will be included in Rule 38 (Runout).

‘So Mankading is not a bad wicket anymore. It has also gained legitimacy. Mankading, however, was not yet a legitimate wicket-taker? Wasn’t the moral issue the only issue in question? In my opinion Mankading is not the right outing. Do not allow this. Batting out is a skill. Mankading is an expulsion that does not require any skills’ – Broad wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a section of fans raised strong objections to Broad’s tweet. One fan asked if he would use the opportunity to run out a player. However, Broad’s response was that a run-out is a wicket that can only be taken if there is good performance.

‘In my opinion runout is a skill. The batsman realizes that he is trying for a run, catches the ball quickly, calculates in a matter of seconds which ball to throw and can throw the ball close to the stumps accurately, ‘said Broad in reply to the fan.

Former Indian cricketer and women’s team coach W.V. Raman commented. Raman also objected to the wicket being named after Indian cricket legend Vinoo Mankading.

English Summary: Stuart Broad faces Fans’ ire for calling ‘Mankading’ unfair despite MCC’s revised ruling


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