wide! AIRA releases funds from “Apimook”, sells MORE shares over 400 million baht

Reporters reported quoting news sources inOffice of the Anti-Money Laundering Commission or AMLO that is why the secretary of AMLO has ordered the freezing of assetsMr Apimuk Bumrungwong with 24 people from stock tradingMore Return Public Company Limited or MORE On November 10, 2022, AMLO seized 36 items within 90 days, totaling 5,395 million baht, divided into 34 items from the seizure of the property of Mr. Aphimuk and his associates on November 21, 2022, totaling 5,376 million baht. November 22, 2022, 2 more reports worth 19 million baht

Recently, it appeared AIRA Securities Public Company Limited or AIR not perform an inspection Know the facts about customers (Customer Due Diligence: CDD) and do not report suspicious transactions (Suspicious Transaction Report: STR) after there is a MORE unusual stock trading transaction that causes the money account or trading securities Continued from the proceeds from the sale of MORE and MORE-R shares on November 10, 2022 by Mr. Aphimuk Bamrungwong or Ping Pong in the amount of more than 405 million baht and the account ofChitipat Klomchitcharoen Mr The amount of 8.1 million baht was not subject to asset seizure in accordance with the AMLO secretary’s order, causing the proceeds from the sale of MWY and MWY-R shares to be transferred to the accounts of both parties. after this AMLO will proceed in accordance with the legal process.

It is also reported that AMLO Audited RHB Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited or RHBS because he found that do not check Know the facts about the customer or CDD and do not report suspicious transactions or STR after the abnormal stock trading transactions MORE and MORE-R. and reported no such discrepancies.

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