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Wide open STO market… The leader is Kiwoom Securities with a hero statement, why?

Recently, although securities companies have started preparing for the ‘Token Securities Issuance (STO)’ business in earnest, an analysis has emerged that Kiwoom Securities, which has a high proportion of individual investors, will benefit the most. This is because STO trading is expected to be dominated by individual investors rather than institutional investors, and Kiwoom Securities, which has a high platform rate, will be the most advantageous.

According to the financial investment industry on the 8th, the Financial Services Commission published the ‘Plan for the Maintenance of the Regulatory System of Securities Issuance and Distribution of Token’ on the 5th, which includes the content of allowing the issuance and distribution of STO. Token securities are tokenized securities using distributed ledger technology, which is the basis of blockchain, and through this, it is possible to ‘segment investment’ that sells the ownership of real estate or expensive works of art in pieces.

The main thrust of this guide is to create a new type of issue called ‘token securities’ and incorporate traditional equity and debt securities (stocks and bonds) as well as recently emerging atypical securities (beneficiary certificates and investment contract securities) in the institutional system. done with

In the case of issuance, only issuers that meet certain requirements are allowed to directly issue token securities. Issuers that meet the requirements become issuer account management organizations and can issue token securities directly without going through securities companies. Even if the requirements are not met, token securities can be issued and funded through a securities company, just like existing electronic securities.

The specific requirements for the issuer’s account management organization will be determined after the bylaw is amended.

The industry anticipates rising securities stocks as STO beneficiaries. Kiwoom Securities is expected to secure the lead while most domestic securities companies are expected to meet the requirements in relation to fulfilling the requirements for a classified ledger required by the Financial Services Commission, satisfaction of manpower requirements, damage compensation satisfaction. requirements, and establishing physical facilities of equity capital.

Park Hye-jin, a researcher at Daishin Securities, said, “Kiwoom Securities has the largest number of home trading system (HTS) and mobile trading system (MTS) trading platform users among domestic securities companies.” Thousands of people use it. “

Researcher Park said, “Kiwoom Securities plans to provide a service so that STO can be traded at MTS Hero Gate within the year.” “It is expected that security token trading will be dominated by individual investors rather than institutional investors, so if a complete service starts, Kiwoom Securities will be the most advantageous warning. It seems he’s in,” he explained.

Yoo-dong Yoon, a researcher at NH Investment & Securities, said, “Due to the nature of the startup market, STOs do not have much differentiation between the products provided, so the more attractive the platform, the more advantageous it is. secure customers .” I looked forward.

The fact that Kiwoom Securities has been collaborating with blockchain companies in various fields since two years ago is expected to work as a strength.

Researcher Yoon said, “We cooperate with Music Cow, Tessa, Casa, Funble, etc., which are representative companies in all fields such as music, art, and real estate, and we also invest in the formation of STO infrastructure.”

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