Wife protector is online again!Bieber posts to defend his wife Hayley

Wife protector is online again!Bieber posts to defend his wife Hayley

Golden Goat Author: Gong Weifeng 2020-12-04

It is difficult for me to choose gentle ways to protect me and the one I love

Text/Gong Weifeng, All Media Reporter, Yangcheng Evening News

On December 4th, Justin Bieber posted a message to defend his wife Hailey on social platforms. He said: “This person’s sad excuse is only to encourage people to understand my wife superficially in the video and then tell people that my previous relationship is more Ok wait, I just want to share this with you so that everyone knows what we face every day. When I see people like this trying to gather and bully my favorite person in this world, it’s hard for me to choose mild Ways to protect me and the people I love.”

It is reported that some netizens previously called for Haili’s brand live broadcast activities in the video to “netize” her. In addition, Haili’s social platforms have been under cyber attacks, so much so that Haili has shut down some social accounts and restricted comments.

In contrast, Bieber has been standing behind Hailey to support her. On December 1, when Bieber was a guest on the well-known American talk show “The Allen Show”, he bluntly stated that as long as his wife Hailey is willing to give birth, he wants to have a “football team” with her. He also praised Hailey for her cooking skills and praised her as a good cook who can always prepare delicious food for himself.

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