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‘Wife’s Taste’ Park Hwi-soon, 17-year-old wife Cheon Ye-ji revealed… Elegant beauty

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‘The taste of wife’ Park Hwi-soon’s wife Cheon Ye-ji was revealed.

In TV Chosun’s’The Taste of Wife’, which aired on the 3rd, the newlywed life of a prospective couple Park Hwi-soon was revealed for the first time.

As soon as Park Hwi-soon got up, he took 9 types of nutritional supplements. Following this, Park Hwi-soon’s wife Cheon Ye-ji appeared.

In the studio, I was surprised when Park Hwi-soon’s wife appeared. Lee Hwi-jae said, “I came to my waiting room to greet me before recording. When I saw Park Hwi-soon’s wife, I misunderstood him as the youngest writer.”

Park Hwi-soon and his wife, Chun Ye-ji, crossed the 17-year-old age gap and decided to marry. Park Hwi-soon said, “In fact, I didn’t tell the exact age. “What is age important to love?” Ham So-won, who heard this, also said, “Of course. “What is the importance of age to love?”

When asked how he met Park Hwi-soon, “I was in charge of planning after going to the advertising festival last summer. I met at a gamjatang restaurant for a meeting, but they didn’t talk too much. I was attracted to the way I eat well.”

“I exchanged phone numbers and took the pork ribs home because I had a chance to eat next time. I will tell you later that my favorite food was pork ribs. Such breathing fits well,” he said.

In addition, Park Hwi-soon said, “The first kiss was not long after we met,” and “The two of us cannot drink. The two have been in love for over a year, and if you share a can of beer, you get drunk.”

Park Hwi-soon’s wife Cheon Ye-ji appeared in the studio. The cast said, “I think you saved the country of a previous life,” saying, “It’s so pretty” to Park Hwi-soon’s wife, Chun Ye-ji.

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