Wild Boar Causes Chaos at Police Station and Vehicle Rescued from Ditch: Holiday Accidents

Accidents Mar Last Day of Holiday: A Recap of Unfortunate Events

As the holiday comes to a close, reports of accidents from various places have dominated the news today.

Wild Boar Rampage at the Police Station

In an unexpected turn of events, a wild boar infiltrated a police station, wreaking havoc in its path. Quick-thinking officers managed to subdue the unruly animal by employing the use of live bullets.

Reporter Cha Hyun-jin was on the scene to cover the incident, shedding light on the wild boar’s audacious behavior.

  • The boar brazenly strutted through the car park, weaving between parked vehicles and finding refuge amongst patrol cars and bushes.
  • Seizing an opportune moment, it darted towards the main gate of the police station, prompting caution among the officers.
  • After 30 minutes of evading capture, the police resorted to using firearms, ultimately shooting the boar five times.
  • While two policemen sustained knee injuries during the encounter, there were no further casualties.

Rescue Mission in Busan

In a separate incident in Busan, a vehicle met with misfortune as it veered off the road and landed in a water-filled ditch. However, thanks to the collective composure of bystanders, the occupants emerged unscathed.

The incident unfolded as follows:

  • While onlookers contemplated the situation, one concerned citizen swiftly contacted the fire department via video call, relaying the details of the predicament.
  • Without hesitation, the Good Samaritan entered the submerged car and successfully rescued the three passengers within a commendable four minutes.

Jewel Heist Thwarted

Shifting gears to criminal activity, a daring thief attempted to pilfer gold bundles from a shop in Goseong. The culprit managed to abscond with five bundles, valued at 16 million won, before being apprehended by the vigilant police three days later.

Cha Hyun-jin from MBC News reports on this audacious robbery:

  • A vigilant shop owner carefully inspected the gold bundles, unaware of the thief’s ulterior motives.
  • Exploiting a moment of distraction, the thief swiftly grabbed the gold bundle, concealed within a plastic bag, and hastily exited the premises.

These events serve as a reminder of the dramatic occurrences that unfolded on the last day of the holiday.

Video Editing: Namjoo Nam / Video Provided by: Gyeonggi Uijeongbu Police Station, Busan Fire and Disaster Headquarters, Gangwon Goseong Police Station.

◀ Anchor ▶

Today, the last day of the holiday, news of accidents continued to emerge from various places.

A wild boar appeared at the police station and started causing trouble, but was subdued by the police firing live bullets.

In Busan, a running vehicle fell into a ditch, but thanks to the calm response of citizens, it was rescued safely.

Reporter Cha Hyun-jin covered the story.

◀ Report ▶

A wild boar appeared in the police station car park.

He walks between parked cars and hides between patrol cars and bushes.

When the patrol car that was blocking him moves, he suddenly accelerates and rushes towards the main gate of the police station.

“Don’t be too provocative.”

A wild boar wandered around the car park for 30 minutes.

As I tried to get out of the police station, the police eventually pulled out a pistol.

The wild boar, which had been shot five times with live bullets, fell to the ground.

Two policemen injured their knees during the abduction, but there were no injuries.


Road in Daejeo-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan.

The vehicle in front of you drops suddenly into a ditch on the side of the road.

″What should I do? Those people.”

The ditch is filled with water, and the car is overturned, making it impossible to move.

At this time, the driver of the following vehicle immediately made a video call with the fire department, explained the scene, and went directly to the rescue.


“There’s a driver inside…<안에 운전자는 어떤 상태인데요?> I can’t check right now. The water is half submerged. <그 안에 사람이 있는 것 같네요. 소리는 들립니까?>″

The man immediately opened the door without breaking the car window to prevent water from entering the car and rescued the three passengers in about 4 minutes.


On the 27th of last month, a gold and silver room in Goseong, Gangwon-do.

A sturdy man carefully examines each bundle of gold and pulls a thick envelope from his pocket.

However, when the owner turns around, he steals the plastic bag containing the gold bundle and hurriedly leaves the shop.

A man who stole five 37.5-gram gold bundles worth 16 million won was caught by the police three days later.

This is Cha Hyun-jin from MBC News.

Video Editing: Namjoo Nam / Video Provided by: Gyeonggi Uijeongbu Police Station, Busan Fire and Disaster Headquarters, Gangwon Goseong Police Station

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