Wild innovation Eagles quarterbacks coach Taylor believes believes that it is next for the NFL

Wild innovation Eagles quarterbacks coach Taylor believes believes that it is next for the NFL

The NFL is constantly changing, constantly changing, as teams look for new types to gain advantage.

What next?

This had some great ideas about it.

I think one of the big things at any time with multiple people is being able to throw the ball, ”he said. “I think this is something [you’ll see] going on. You have seen the kind of Philly Special, the different versions of double passports, things like that. I think there is something like that I could see coming into effect.

Now, to put this in context, Taylor – who first introduced Chip Kelly to the Eagle in 2013 – is the man who brought Philly Special to the Eagles when he saw the Bears running in 2016. (Read Dave Zangaro's story about that here.)

So we know that he has an innovative mind. Taylor, who was a quality control coach under Kelly and a fourth reserve reserve coach in 2016 and 2017, is now embarking on his second year as an eagle outbreak coach.

“You don't have to say we are doing that or anything like that,” says Taylor, laughing. “But I think it's a push to cover [we see]. These guys are coming out of the college which is a dual-threat circular and in their move to a receiver, so different things. These guys get the field and they can get your players the best in the field and the threat of threats in the possible ways. It will be fun to see. ”

Interesting to note that the Eagles have two successful fifth quarters in their reception corps.

Braxton Miller was the fourth quarter of Ohio State for three years and finished fifth in the voting town and ninth of Heisman 2012 in 2013 before losing 2014 with a shoulder injury and switching to a receiver.

Greg Ward was fourth in Houston and his career in college affected a victory over 9 Florida State in Chick-fil-A Peach in Atlanta.

Both made a combination of 13,999 enclosures which were going around, 104 escapes and 43 interventions as college QBs.

Who knows whether either of them will make the final roster, but if they do, the possibilities are interesting.

You look at everyone you have, ”said Doug Pederson. “We got that out [Nelson Agholor] he and DeSean can wear [Jackson] a little can wear and some of these people, you can use them in specific situations. Again, this is the spring. This is where we get the opportunity to test dabble and sort in some of these gadget plays and find out who is able to do such things. It helps to have this QB background.

Here are five cases in memory of the Eagles who are not wearing the fourth cut-backs (and we left the Philly Special because that is still fresh in the memory of everyone):

Perfect season Keith Byars: In 1990, Keith Byars threw four eagles and the four went on (two with Anthony Toney, one to Heath Sherman, one with Calvin Williams). No-one else in the history of the NFL spent more than two deaths in a season in which TD spent all his efforts.

B-Mitch to Dawk: In the 2002 game against the Texans, running back Brian Mitchell pass TD 57 yard with Brian Dawkins, the only career reception at Dawk. Of the 318 players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Dawks 57 career average 57 57.0 is the highest.

Roger Ruzek did the thing: In 1989, Roger Ruzek, a cricket of Eagles, passed a 22-yard TD to the Famer Hall Cris Carter in the future winning over the Cards at the Vet. It was the only way of Ruzek's occupation. Ruzek is the only Eagle for the last 50 years to spend a journey pass and make a field goal in the same game.

Big-play Freddie: Interesting note about Freddie Mitchell: He had many TDs 25 yards passports as a 25 yard TD arrests. One of each. In 2003, FredEx TD spent 25-yard with Brian Westbrook in a peaks over the Dolphins in Miami. He is the only WR who has passed a TD passport for Eagles for the past 35 years.

Legend to legend: In the 1983 game against The Colts, Harold Carmichael TD spent 45 yard with Mike Quick. Carmichael, who had 79 career TDs, and Quick, who had 61, is one of three sets of colleagues in NFL history who each had 60 arrests to pass a TD passport. The others are Dez Bryant (73) with Jason Witten (68) for the Cowboys against the Lions in 2016 and Charley Taylor (79) and Bobby Mitchell (65) of the Redskins against Glenties in 1965.

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