Will avoid taboos in the future|Sheng Jin sees Mai Mingshi’s friend type and has no development opportunities (23:10)-20210223-SHOWBIZ

Hit tonightMak Mingshi and Sheng Jin, who is a pilot, were rumored last year. The two insisted that they were just good friends. Recently, they were found having a picnic on the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade. Although they did not act intimacy, they looked like a couple. Sheng Jin filmed “50 Years of Popular Classics” tonight. He explained that that day was just an impromptu. Everyone mainly talked, ate and asked each other about TVB. They were friends. When talking about the development opportunities for the two, Sheng Jin said for sure that he did not see this possibility, and also said that he had never expressed his pursuit of her. Sheng Jin said that Mai Mingshi was just a type of friend, and might avoid taboos in the future. He was a little surprised that he didn’t expect to be secretly photographed.

Zeng Zhiwei became the deputy general manager of Wireless, taking over variety shows and music production and programs, while Yu Yongshan was transferred; Sheng Jinwei participated in the “Cross to the Clouds Election” by Yu Yongshan to join TVB. He said he was worried that he could not come. I can’t manage management changes.”

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