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Will Bennett replace Netanyahu ?; Extremist; Concern in Palestine | Israel | Palestine | Naftali Bennett

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The Palestinians are appalled by the ongoing battle between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the opposition for power in Israel. Observers estimate that the 12-year Netanyahu era in Israel will end with the failure of Netanyahu’s last attempt to stay in power.

Naftali Bennett, a billionaire and leader of the far-right Yamina party, is filling the cell as the kingmaker in a situation where no one has a majority in the election. Bennett’s support for the opposition has paved the way for a new government in Israel.

Many dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian issue are concerned about whether the scale is bigger than the capture. The assessment is that things will get worse if the extremist Naftali Bennett becomes the Prime Minister. Bennett, who dreams of uniting the entire occupied territories of the West Bank with Israel, is also a leader who is adamant that the formation of Palestine is suicidal for Israel.

On Sunday, Bennett said he was joining hands with political opponents to save the country from a major political catastrophe. With this, an agreement was reached between the opposition parties to form a new government in Israel. Naphtali Bennett announced his support for the formation of a new government led by opposition leader Yair Lapid (57). Bennett said on Sunday that he would be prime minister until September 2023.

The president first invited Netanyahu, the leader of the largest single-party Likud party, to form a government after he lost the election two months ago. But unable to garner the support they needed, Yesh Adeed, the second largest party, invited Lapid, the party’s leader.

Yamina party leader Naphtali Bennett is seeking the PM’s job with King Maker. According to Israeli media reports, Lapid will give Bennett a chance in the first half. Opposition parties have until Wednesday to decide. The opposition government will come with support from outside the Arab Party, which has been a vocal critic of Bennett’s policies.


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