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Will die, that’s all; Dr. Kovid exploded against non-compliance. Ashil | dr. asheel warns to follow covid protocol

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Despite Kovid’s widespread outcry, the Social Security Mission’s executive director, Dr. Muhammad Ashil. He also asked on Facebook Live who the restrictions were on and who we were waiting for.

He added that people would die if they continued to make excuses to avoid restrictions. He said health workers have been struggling for more than a year to minimize deaths and what more can be said to help people regain consciousness.

Some people call and ask if it’s okay to have more than 50 people at a wedding. He said weddings should be avoided. If more than 50 people approach, legal action will be taken. He also said that the number 50 is unique and that maximum number of events should be avoided.

For the past year and a half, health workers have been working tirelessly for ten to sixteen hours, with many approaching the question of whether they can hold gatherings. Ashil also asked who the blindfolded conspirators were trying to defeat. Covid cases are seen doubling day by day. If you still do not understand the seriousness of the matter, let’s take a TV or mobile and try to understand what’s around.

People are rushing for oxygen. Mass cremations are taking place. Falling dead on the street. It will not take long for the problem to get worse without us having enough facilities here. According to statistics, Kerala has a higher population density of diabetics, heart patients, population density and older population than North India. The situation here is ideal for most people to die.

Health workers work around the clock to reduce mortality. At this point, the right decision is to skip the pre-determined rituals. Dr. Ashil, meanwhile, said it was insane when more than fifty people came together with questions about whether there was a problem.

Some people decide to follow the law when the lock down comes and to follow the law when the police come down. Mohammad Ashil said that everyone should take care of themselves and not spread the disease and kill others.


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