Will Grier, QB, West Virginia

The Saints have to fight their lives after Drew Brees. Westback quarterback Will Grier is the only potential candidate in the NFL Draft 2019.

Let's not say. One of the lead stories is one that will replace Drew Brees in New Orleans Saints when he decides to retire. After the loss of the Rams in the NFC Championship match, Brees seemed to have been waiting for at least another year. But the search can not start too soon. As we start examining the players they should be available at the place where the Saints choose in the second round, select 63, there will be some raids to look at. Starting with Grier Will West Virginia.

One of the major issues facing the Saints when thinking about replacing Drew Brees are the style surveys that they want to try to handle the job. How much does Sean Payton Taysom Hill love, the startup style they want? We have to wait to train camp roll several times to find out if Hill has worked a lot to do it on an NFL qualifier.

Will West Virginia's Grier seems to have the necessary hand, to do what is necessary. The NFL talent assessor is on the radar since he was at first glance as a new person with the Florida Gators in 2015.

But in this fresh season in Gainesville, Grier made a positive contribution to improving drug use over the counter and was suspended for a long year long term in 2016. He used this opportunity to transfer to West Virginia and, in her two seasons, he rescued.

The mountains had a great 2-foot-2, 223-pound mountain range from Charlotte, North Carolina. As a junior in 2017, he went 250 of 388, 64.4 percent, 3,490 yards, 34 touchdowns and 12 interventions. Throughout the senior year, he spent his college career with 266 of 397, 67 percent, 3,864 yards, 37 touchdown with eight mediation performance.

In the YouTube clip provided here, you will note that one of the comments on Will Grier was that he had most of his world balls and the ways to go to the football college in 2018. It seems that he would do that it could be replaced quarterback who spent the best balls last year and during his career.

Grier does not always show the best construction form, but it's a scrambler and playmaker, like a subsequent Baker Mayfield, who will keep live live and something that will happen at a lower level of risk due to its accuracy. That's the positive.

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