Will Hinatazaka46 save the football world? Is Yuka Kageyama’s influence reviving the football boom?

Hinatazaka 46 (C) Maijitsu

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Tournament on November 23, 1st League Group E, Japan vs Germany was broadcast live on “ABEMA”.

Yuka Kageyama of “Hinatazaka46” appeared, but it seems that her immense knowledge of soccer caused a lot of excitement.

In the tournament that day, Japan came from behind to win 2-1, and decided to win against Germany. After the game, Kageyama will talk about the game with soccer player Keisuke Honda, who was performing remotely from the field.

He then asked about changing the formation of the Japanese team in the second half of the game, and about Germany’s tactics, using difficult terms such as “variably flank attack”.

Honda also replied politely, and a high-level conversation developed.

Hinatazaka46 fans join the football world?

The viewers seem to be amazed by the high level of football knowledge that cannot be considered an idol. Kageyama is famous among fans for being the leading football otaku in the idol world, but football fans -a foot they don’t know

《Who is the girl who appeared on the ABEMA broadcast? He is very knowledgeable about football, so I think he will become a fan.”
“I thought he was a member of support staff, but she was very knowledgeable about football, and her questions and explanations were easy to understand and very easy to read! I can recommend Kageyama-san! 》
《Kageyama-chan in Hinatazaka after the game, her ability to talk and ask questions is too amazing》
《Yuka Kageyama’s commentary was so amazing that I followed her on Instagram!》 》
《I thought Kageyama Yuuka was cute because she was a figurine, but when she started asking Honda-san a smart question with a lot of information, I was surprised.》

There were many voices of praise and surprise.

“Hinatazaka46’s interest in football fans seems to have increased the number of Hinatazaka46 fans. It seems that there are also fans of Hinatazaka46, commonly known as “Ohisama”, and there were pictures of people cheering with towels with name the group on them circulating on SNS. It seems that the number has increased and the idol world and the football world are lively.” (Entertainment writer)

By the way, thanks to Ohisama, Yumiko Takino of the idol group “STU48” had a live broadcast on the distribution site “SHOWROOM”.

By coincidence, Ohisama landed on his stream, where he fell in love with Takino, and a phenomenon occurred where his number of Twitter followers overtook the official “STU48” account.

Hinatazaka46 is the group with the most momentum right now. Ohisama may be the savior that invigorates content.

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