“Will muscle loss happen if I miss exercise for even one day?”… Myths and truths about ‘muscle loss’ [건강톡톡]

Among health people (人), there are people who feel anxious if they miss a day of exercise. It is because of the thought that muscle loss will occur. But this is not true. Instead, overexertion can cause muscle loss. To correct this misunderstanding, I looked into muscle loss with exercise expert Haidak.

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Q. What causes muscle loss?
There are many causes of muscle loss. Of course, lack of exercise can lead to muscle loss even if the muscles are not sufficiently stimulated, but conversely, overexertion can also cause muscle loss. Aging also causes muscle loss. In particular, women tend to lose muscle due to hormonal changes that occur after the age of 40. Even if you don’t eat enough food, you may lose muscle because you don’t have enough resources to maintain it. Chronic stress causes the hormone cortisol, which reduces muscle mass, and lack of sleep causes muscle loss by reducing the secretion of growth hormone necessary for muscle recovery.
– Exercise Counseling Haidak Kim Exercise Expert Soo-bin

Q. Is it true that I only lose body fat if I exercise on an empty stomach?
When you exercise on an empty stomach, you use the energy stored in your body as an energy source. To explain the principle, a small amount of the carbohydrates we ingest are stored in the liver and muscles in the body, and the remaining surplus resources are stored as fat, which our body uses when it needs energy. However, if you exercise excessively without food intake, you will drag fat and use it for muscle. However, even if the intensity of the exercise is high, there is very little muscle loss if the nutrient supply is adequate.
– Haidaq Exercise Counseling Son Min-gyu Exercise Expert

Q. Adding as much protein as possible can prevent muscle loss, right?
Protein is an essential nutrient for building and maintaining muscle. But, like carbs, they are stored as fat unless the right exercise is applied. Recklessly increasing protein intake in an effort to prevent muscle loss will only lead to an increase in body fat.
– Haidaq Exercise Counseling Son Min-gyu Exercise Expert

Q. Are there any nutrients you must take to prevent muscle loss?
To prevent muscle loss, it is important to continuously use muscles through exercise, but nutrient intake is also very important. In particular, it is important to supply nutrients necessary for internal muscle stimulation and muscle contraction and relaxation. Calcium and magnesium are recommended. Calcium is needed for muscle contraction and magnesium is needed for muscle relaxation.
– Exercise Counseling Haidaq Exercise Specialist Park Seyoon

* This article has been reproduced from a Haidak expert answer.

Support = Haidak exercise counseling Kim Soo-bin (exercise expert), Haidak exercise advisor Son Min-gyu (exercise expert), Haidak exercise advisor Park Se-yoon (exercise expert)


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