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Lucknow: Will Priyanka Gandhi be the Congress’ chief ministerial candidate in next year’s Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections? Priyanka, who did not say whether the question, which is eagerly awaited by everyone at the national level, will be answered or not, told the national media that she will always be with the people.

‘My responsibility is to be with the people and raise their issues. It is my duty to speak up for the people. I will not go back, I will keep fighting. I will never betray the people, “said Priyanka. Priyanka visits UP from time to time as part of her revival of the Congress.

Priyanka, who took part in the farmers’ agitation in Uttar Pradesh, criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being arrogant and cowardly. Modi has not yet spoken to the lakhs of struggling farmers. If it can’t, it makes him proud, right? 215 farmers were killed during the protests. The Prime Minister did not even show condolences – Priyanka blamed.


Priyanka Gandhi (file photo)

English Summary: Will Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Be UP Chief Ministerial Candidate? Her Response


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