‘Will protest again if not paid’: Akhila to KSRTC officials

Kottayam ∙ ‘If you take a job, you should get your salary, if you don’t, you will still protest’ – words of KSRTC leader Akhila S. Nair. Akhila was transferred from Vaikom depot to Pala on the day after wearing the ‘Salmasala 41-am Divas’ badge. KSRTC’s stand is that the protest has defamed the government. They came to work wearing protest badges on January 11.

“With the failure to pay salary for December 2022, the affairs of the home went into disarray. Her husband is Saptaha Acharya of Selvaraj Temples. No fixed income. My family survives on my salary. There are household costs and loan repayments. He should also take care of his son’s affairs. They protested without interrupting the service and without bothering anyone. I did not throw stones at the bus or disturb the passengers’ – said Akhila, a native of Puram TV.

Pala Depo is 50 km from home. If the duty is in the morning, you have to leave the night before. If you wait, you won’t be able to get home. Akhila also said that there is no resting place for women in Pala like in Vaikam.

Akhila, MSc and BD, has been a KSRTC employee for 13 years. Last year, when he did not get his salary for the months of March and April, he went on a hunger strike at the Vaikom depot on Vishu day.

English Summary: KSRTC leader Akhila S Nair is protesting against not giving salary