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01 November 2022 07:00

Get hot flashes or suffer from mouth cancer

Disorganized work and rest, unhealthy diet, and high life pressure are the main reasons for oral ulcers. In a society under purchase, the pace of life is fast, and people care less and less about their own bodies; they do not worry about the condition of oral ulcers, thinking that it is caused only by “body heat” and “getting angry”, or even medicines of disbelief.

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The truth is that mouth ulcers are not sudden, but a disease that occurs frequently. The cause of ulcers is still unclear, but there are several groups of people with a high number of oral ulcer symptoms, including: yin and fire deficiency, irregular work and rest, and high stress.

Can the remedies be trusted?

Ulcers will generally heal naturally within 1 to 2 weeks. Is it credible to hear rumors that there is a way to get rid of ulcers quickly? What are the risks of these methods?

1. Coarse salt “乸” ulcer

Principle: Salt has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, which can cause bacteria to die due to lack of water in cells.

Risks: As well as being very painful, it is more likely to scratch the wound further, cause the ulcer site to bleed, or even reinflame the wound or get a bacterial infection.

2. Eat 5 kiwis in a row

Principle: Kiwi fruit is rich in beta-B and C, which can speed up the healing process of skin wounds and protect the health of the oral mucosa and gums. Some people also believe that kiwi fruit clears heat and can treat ulcers caused by “heat”.

Risks: There are many causes of ulcers, and this method may not be suitable for everyone. In addition, the sour taste of kiwi fruit can irritate the soft tissues in the mouth and worsen mouth ulcers.

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How to treat mouth ulcers properly

1. Brush your teeth morning and night

Bacterial infection can cause mouth ulcers, and frequent brushing can reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth, reduce the chance of ulcers or speed up wound healing.

However, try to avoid too much force when brushing your teeth to avoid damaging the ulcer site again.

2. Use a mild warm salt water or mouthwash

Salt water or mouthwash has a bactericidal effect to clean the mouth and reduce bacterial proliferation.

3. Supplementary nutrition

You can eat more foods such as pork liver, red meat, tofu, wheat husk, etc., and supplement with nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, folic acid and zinc to speed up wound healing.

Foods that are too sour, spicy or fried should be avoided to avoid mouth inflammation.

4. Boost Immunity

Try to maintain adequate sleep, avoid excessive stress, and do more exercise to reduce stress.

Oral cancer if not cured in 3 weeks

Although ulcers are common, if you find that the wound has not healed for more than 3 weeks, it may be

Oral cancer emergency, should seek medical attention as soon as possible for further examination. Oral cancer is mainly a squamous cell carcinoma of the mucosal epidermal cells of the mouth. The initial symptoms are not obvious. Many patients mistakenly think that it is just an ordinary ulcer and delay seeking medical treatment. Time did not improve. and seeks medical attention.

Risk factors for oral cancer include smoking, alcohol abuse and other bad habits; long-term eating of hot food and wearing inappropriate dental trays can cause permanent damage to the oral tissues and can also cause cell lesions. Therefore, those with the above risk factors should increase vigilance.

As for other people, especially the night cat family who are used to staying up late, they should rest more and improve their immunity, to avoid ulcers coming to the door!

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Gayon: Common symptoms of oral cancer

According to the information of the Hong Kong Department of Health, oral tumors are abnormal growths or lesions in the hard or soft tissues in the oral cavity, which mainly occur in the elderly. Oral tumors can be divided into benign and malignant. Malignant tumors are oral cancers, which can spread and be life-threatening. Therefore, once an abnormal phenomenon is discovered in the oral tissue, you should immediately find a doctor or dentist for a detailed examination and seek appropriate treatment.

Patients with oral cancer may experience the following five symptoms:

The ulcer does not heal for a long time, and the facial tissue necroses and falls off and expands around, forming a lump with a depression in the middle or an uneven surface.

Pain in the mouth and bleeding for no reason or easily.

Sudden partial paralysis of the face.

The mouth suddenly swelled and the teeth became loose for no reason.

Unexplained swelling of the lymph nodes under the chin or neck.

Gayon: 4 risk factors for oral cancer

According to information from the Hong Kong Department of Health, the medical community has not yet confirmed the cause of oral tumors, but the following four factors are associated with oral tumors:

1. Chemical factors

Chemicals such as nicotine and tar in tobacco, alcohol, or betel nut juice can slowly destroy oral tissues.

Therefore, long-term smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking too much or chewing betel nut can cause oral tumors.

2. Physical factors

Long-term damage to oral tissues due to eating and drinking too much hot food and wearing inappropriate dentures.

Over-exposure or long-term damage by radioactive substances, etc., can cause lesions in the tissues of the oral cavity.

3. Infection by a virus or bacteria

Diseases such as Human Papilloma virus
closely related to oral tumors.

4. Health problems

Problems with the endocrine, immune system, or metabolism can all lead to oral tumors.

Will it be good to use coarse salt for prickly heat? Doctors teach 4 tricks for relief

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