Will return eventually: Klay Thompson who is difficult to own


On Friday, US time, the Warriors defeated the Blazers 118:103. After the game, Klay Thompson sat alone on the bench for 30 minutes, covered his head with a towel and still could not hide his excitement. Finally, Stephen Curry, Draymond Gree, and Steve Kerr Waiting for someone to accompany to leave.

During the Klay Thompson’s post-match interview, Kerr said:

“I tried to understand his emotions. The good news is that he is close to returning, but he remembered what he had lost in the past two years.”

“He loves the game and thinks that he can’t fight with the team in the past two years. He is very difficult to himself for a while. He is very bloody, which makes him look vulnerable and excited at times, but this is what makes him attractive as a person.”

“He desperately wants to return to the court, so thinking of everything that has been taken over the past two years, he is sometimes frustrated.”


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Green also said:

“What he experienced is very difficult, but it is about to end, or a new stage is about to begin. His emotions are always ups and downs. I haven’t experienced the same thing but try my best to understand. It is difficult to find a better one than him. The guy who loves games, basketball, and competition more, he must win even when playing cards in private.”

“He has always been a part of us, but I understand that he wants to be more present and influence the game. It is extremely difficult for him not to be on the court for nearly three years, and all we have to do is to continue to support him and accompany him. At the end, or as I said, back to the starting line together.”

“He will be frustrated from time to time, but what qualifications do I have to comment and help him solve these things? I just want him to know my support and friendship for him and encourage him. He is making rapid progress and is returning to the past. status.”

“Watching his return journey is beautiful, he is about to overcome this barrier. If you ask people in jail, many people will say that the most tormented days are the last few days to go home. We all know that he is very It’s uncomfortable, but we will continue to push him forward and greet him with open arms at the finish line. In the next few weeks, we will continue to hope that he can return as soon as possible.”


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Backcourt partner and team boss Curry also responded to Thompson’s emotions at the time:

“More than two years is a very long time. At the beginning of this season, we all expected him to gradually return to the court. I also expect that this will be the most tormenting period for him, because basketball is back to him again. , He began to feel the feeling of the past game, also began to play practice games with us, participate in all training, but he can not play yet.”

“The good news is that this is already a few weeks, not months.”

“I am extremely proud of him. Unless he wants to write a book to record this period, no one can fully understand what he has gone through in the past two years. His emotions also express his attitude towards the game. It is rare to see Klay like Klay. A player who purely enjoys every detail of the game like that.”

“Such depression will always happen from time to time, and we will continue to support him, encourage him, and remind him how many difficult parts he has completed. This is his journey, and no one else can comment on what he has experienced.”

Humor off the court, Thompson giving everything on the court

Two seasons away from the spotlight, many fans may have forgotten Thompson’s basketball attitude of doing everything on the court, and most of his tidbits on the sidelines are positive and entertaining, just like recently because he was not selected for the NBA official 75. Big star, Curry gave him the No. 77 jersey.

In the two years since Kevin Durant joined the Warriors, the Warriors’ double star has changed from the Wave Brothers to the MVP connection between Curry and Durant, but Thompson still averages 20 points per game with more than 40% of the three-pointers every year, and protects Curry competently on the defensive end. .

Until the 2019 Warriors vs. Tyrannosaurus Championship game, Thompson supported the Warriors’ firepower after Kevin Durant fell. In Game 6, he scored 30 points, but was injured in a layup. After a serious injury that took a year to recuperate after this, he insisted on finishing two free throws and refused to leave the court.

The Warriors, Warriors fans, and even NBA fans who played well in the beginning of the season are looking forward to Thompson’s return. He is looking forward to the 31-year-old who can return to the court again, rising from 21st in the historical three-point ranking (1798) and trying to break His record for the most three-point goals (14) in a single game.


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