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Will Samsung Electronics share rise again… Intel 7-nano chip consignment production consultation

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In the domestic stock market next week, interest in the stock price movement of Daejangju Samsung Electronics is growing. This is because Intel is known to be discussing ways to consign products from Samsung Electronics Korea and TSMC in Taiwan.

According to Bloomberg News on the 8th (local time), it is known that Intel is discussing a plan to consign production of core semiconductor chips from Taiwan’s TSMC or Samsung Electronics, which will start production in 2023. The 7-nano (nanometer) process conversion is delayed.

Consignment production will begin as early as 2023, and it is expected that the existing customers will use the line that has been consigned. However, Bloomberg explained that the discussion with Samsung Electronics is a little more preliminary. It is reported that the parties such as Intel, TSMC, and Samsung Electronics are avoiding immediate answers.

However, it is known that Intel will make a final decision within two weeks of consignment production with TSMC or Samsung Electronics and announce it. Intel is scheduled to announce its fourth quarter last year on the 21st.

Currently, only two companies of TSMC and Samsung Electronics are capable of microprocessing below 10 nanometers in the world. In this process, the two companies are competing with their share of this year being 60-40.

On the last trading day this week, Samsung Electronics’ stock price ended sharply. In the stock market the previous day, Samsung Electronics finished trading at 88800 won, up 5900 won (7.12%) from the previous day. During the market, it soared to 90,000 won.

It is explained that the fact that the local media reported that Taiwan’s TSMC’s 3-nano process mass production plan could be disrupted by delays in core technology development affected foreigners’ net purchase of Samsung Electronics.

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