WILL SELL VERY FAST; SPECIAL VERSION IN A NEW, YELLOW COLOR: This is what the Golf looks like for 76,410 euros

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Volkswagen is in a hurry to make the most of the existing stable of gasoline engines, so immediately after the discontinuation of a special version of the strongest Golf, a new one is coming.

Before we had R Performance and R 20 Years, and now the R 333 has arrived. And things are immediately clear – Volkswagen will offer exactly 333 copies and each will charge 76,410 euros.

This Golf will catch fire very quickly despite the fact that the 20 Years edition cost significantly less – 59,995 euros. It all boils down to “a Golf that costs 76,410 euros”, and we don’t even dare to convert it into kuna, especially the old stamps, reports

Some new times have come in which the Golf can produce over 300 HP. More precisely, it produces 333 HP, and that’s the same 2.0 TSI petrol engine.

You will also recognize the special version by the new yellow shade that is offered on the Golf, but was never available on the R version.

At the same time, the roof is in black, just like the details of the body and the 19-inch Estoril rims.

Akrapovic’s exhaust will round off the range of the most expensive Golf.

Let’s add blue details, tinted glass and LED matrix lights to everything, and that’s it from the outside news. In the cabin, in addition to performance markings, you will find all the familiar equipment from the Golf window, along with Harman Kardon sound system, IQ. Drive assistance systems and Discover Pro navigation.

Before revealing the date of the start of sales, let’s say that this edition can also reach 270 km/h with a sprint to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.

If you want to buy this Golf, hurry to the dealer. Each salon will be able to sell only one copy, starting June 2.

Judging by past experience, it could be sold out in record time, maybe even by breakfast. The first deliveries start only in September.


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