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The photo shows a SONY PS5 console. (Photo/photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang)

It is said that the Sony PS5 game console will launch a new model with a “slimming” design to improve the shortcomings of the console which has been criticized by gamers for being too bulky. The volume and appearance of the host has been reduced after being reduced. It is reported that the host will adopt the form of a “detachable” optical disc drive that can be connected externally via the Type-C interface, and it appears that the host may also become more square to match the previous ones that has been on the market. The simpler design of the PS5 is distinguished, the volume and weight of the host will be greatly reduced, and it will have low voltage specifications that allow the operating temperature to be lower.

Although the above rumors have flowed out since the second half of last year, they have not yet been officially confirmed by Sony. However, foreign media received the latest news that Sony has recently (4/20) submitted a patent document related to the “new optical disc drive” to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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According to Segmentnext foreign media reports, the new technology applied for in this patent document was presented by SIE Sony Interactive Entertainment. The description of the content indicated that the patent mainly related to the optical components and the drives for installing optical disc drives, and this technology applies to games, hosts, personal computers and audio-visual equipment and other devices.

Although the keyword “PS5” is not used in the content of the document, it can be clearly understood from the content of the patent technology and the schematic diagram of the optical drive design that the new external optical drive device developed by SIE has the same. appearance like that carried by the PS5 The optical disc drive is quite similar. In addition, the new patent also mentions that it will have the function of preventing the optical disc drive from making noise due to excessive vibration during operation, and that the components used avoid environmental pollution. It means that this new type of optical disc drive will have lower noise operating characteristics, and can be used as an external device.

(Image taken from Segmentnext)

Since this year’s E3 game show has been confirmed to be suspended, with the summer game festival “Summer Game Fest”, it will officially start running in Los Angeles, USA in physical form on June 8 this year (Taiwan time is June 9 ) It is considered the biggest gaming event of the year.

There is still more than a month before the summer game festival or sports event. Foreign media speculate that Sony is likely to announce that it will hold a “PlayStation Showcase” before the summer game festival begins. The press conference will reveal for players the important things game lineup and information related to the host in the second half of the year. At that time, it has long been rumored that the new PS5 model, revised and slimmed down with an external optical disc drive, could be unveiled in preview form.

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