Will.T (DMG) winter limited single “Lianlian Notebook” is online on all platforms and continues to be hot for love-China Entertainment Network

On November 30th, the dream music artist Will Will.T (DMG) released a new single “Notebook of Love”. This song depicts the love mood of hundreds of thousands of times, using rap and unique winter atmosphere melody to bring Immersive “notebook” memories.

The chords that enter the ears of the song instantly pull the listener into emotions, travel through the time tunnel, picking up the memory fragments of “her”, and flashing back bit by bit of love and pain. The first verse directly outlines the concrete picture of the quarrel between lovers. Emotions burst in the confrontation, accompanied by strong and broken drums, and heartbreak. The snowy Christmas streets seem to be particularly cold. The repetition of the chorus seems to be a struggle from the bottom of my heart, and the feeling of powerlessness spreads, falling into the black hole of emotions. A high-octave singing voice is used in the harmony, which makes the whole emotion more full. The memories and reality are constantly pulling. Why is it not like this for every person who is in the mood of broken love. The reality is beyond control, and it is constantly playing and her in the brain. Fragments. In the second half of the song, with the change of singing, Will.T’s extremely magnetic tone and explosive expression, thrilling interpretation of the madness that cannot be loved. Love is sometimes just like an adventure, falling from sweetness to awfulness. After experiencing the loss and pain of broken bones and pains, the drums disappear, the end of the chord has a strong ending meaning, and the memory fragments that carry love and pain also follow. The end of the song was sealed in everyone’s exclusive “Lianlian Notepad”.

The song cuts into the sampling of the classic movie “Lianlian Notebook”, and also writes a romantic and beautiful footnote for this winter sad love song. In the story of love, even if there is more heartache and heartbreak, the background color is still free, pure, and fierce love.

Will Will.T’s song accompanies you to face your sorrow and self-heal in the winter-limited warm and cold atmosphere. After the song is over, you will bravely move forward, look at your feet and the future, and continue to be passionate about love.



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