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Will the authorities allow a pertinent evaluation of the film “Changjin Lake”? impossible! | Patriotism | Countering U.S. Aid Korea | Wolf Warriors

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[Epoch Times October 10, 2021]Recently, a netizen who knows about it asked “Can anyone give a fair evaluation of the movie “Changjin Lake”?” In the experience of deleting posts, some netizens started self-censorship and expressed personal opinions that were barely compliant.

The following are some comments from netizens collected by the editors of “China Digital Times”:

“Big-name director + big-name actor, the filming of pulpy stories, a bunch of explosions, are you familiar with it? This is the way that fans cut fans and leeks. This theme is very good, but it has been made into a patriotic business. These three directors do not have the ability to shoot this subject at all. Put on the cloak of patriotism, consume revolutionary stories and heroic deeds, and use a sparsely filmed story to make money. Who dares to say anything? Do you dare to have different opinions? “

“It won’t work on Zhihu. I posted a comic of Kong Yiji that has been deleted.”

“I was really smarter than me, and I found such a business that is even more profitable than shooting traffic stars. Even though there were fans in the shooting traffic stars back then, they were not easy to be shot by passers-by if they didn’t shoot well. Now this is different. Do you dare to say that I didn’t shoot well? Do you have any opinions on the country? Are you opposed to Resisting U.S. Aid Korea? Are you 500,000?”

“This kind of film made it so high at the box office, let it collect money, and then the cinema will all hang up this kind of patriotic film. Forget it, what plot, what foreshadowing, no brain patriotism, the anti-American drama, I think Changjin The Lake Battle is easy to fight, isn’t it? The gods go down to fight the American army?”

“I can only say that this movie exploded a bunch of patriotism in the narrow sense, forcibly binding the evaluation of commercial films and patriotism, the whole film is full of the shadow of personal heroism. For one thing, don’t buy Huawei phones or criticize it. Huawei phones just don’t feel patriotic.”

“In this movie, I feel that every character is a tool person. Thousands of miles, thousands of miles, these two characters who spent a lot of time describing, don’t know what they are doing. The whole process is to throw grenades and shoot. What’s the difference between a god movie? It’s a commercial movie that sells patriotic feelings, so I’m the most annoyed of this kind of patriotic commercial movie. It’s obviously not made very well, because it’s politically correct. , If you don’t boast, you don’t love your country, it’s really speechless…”

“I typed a lot of words and was deleted by Zhihu, and the appeal was unsuccessful. Even if I violated the rules, it was the first time I saw it. I have a good idea of ​​the quality of a thing that requires such a high-intensity limited review. “

“Can you post it right? I can only boast.”

“Don’t dare to be pertinent, dare to say that you are discriminating against Chinese movies, you are cheap, you just love to watch foreign blockbuster movies, so many battlefields fighting wits and courage, or real deeds, shot into sandbags to block the flood. A thin batch, you don’t need to understand Just do it and it’s the right thing to kill. I’ll be responsible for the acting. Don’t worry about it. You’re responsible for crying and telling everyone how you cry. As long as you are patriotic. I can earn money with peace of mind.”

“I think about it. In 2020, you ask me what is the best patriotic movie? I will say Wolf Warriors. If you ask me in 2021, I will say Changjin Lake. If you ask me in 2022, I will watch the SARFT’s broadcast. Whatever comes out is what it is. This is officially recognized. Unofficial people are not allowed to speak, let alone comment.”

“While watching the movie, I was thinking about the war. We had a total of 900,000 young casualties. For every American soldier killed in Changjin Lake, we would have 10 bloody and brave volunteer soldiers sacrificed. A pile of people will feel that it may be somewhat disrespectful.”

“Deleted twice.”

“Evaluated and deleted.”

Editor in charge: Gao Yi


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