Will the conflict between the US and China be eased… “Misunderstanding and misjudgment must be avoided”

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Ahead of the US-China summit, China demanded that the US take a responsible approach.

Attention is focused on whether this summit will be an opportunity to ease the conflict between the United States and China.

This is Correspondent Cho Hee-hyung from Beijing.

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Before the US-China summit, China emphasized cooperation, saying that the stable development of the two countries is mutually beneficial and at the same time expected by the world.

At the same time, he urged the United States to take a responsible stance in order to resolve the growing conflict between the United States and China over the economy and security.

[자오리젠/중국 외교부 대변인 (지난 11일)]

“(The United States) must avoid misunderstandings and misjudgments, and return China-US relations to the right track of healthy and stable development.”

The most sensitive issue for China in this summit is Taiwan.

China previously suspended international cooperation with the United States after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August.

Since it was a summit held after Chinese President Xi Jinping succeeded in his third consecutive term, there is plenty of possibility to make a strong voice.

President Xi Jinping also expressed a strong stance that he would not rule out the use of force against Taiwan.

China’s state-run Global Times evaluated the summit positively, but criticized that “the same principle in China is not negotiable,” and that “the problem is that the United States is ambiguous about this principle.”

The North Korean nuclear issue is also expected to be discussed at the summit.

As the structure of conflict between the US and China intensifies, China has been showing the appearance of enclosing North Korea.

The South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong media, predicted that the situation on the Korean Peninsula is pessimistic based on China’s ambiguous position on North Korea, saying, “There is no further mention or report on the North Korean nuclear issue in China. ”

However, although the United States has announced that it will strengthen its military power in Northeast Asia if North Korea’s provocations continue, military reinforcement is an issue directly related to Taiwan’s security, so China cannot afford it ignore

This is MBC News Cho Hee-hyung from Beijing.

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