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New Delhi: While the demand for the Opposition to unite to topple the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the next Lok Sabha elections is strong on the one hand, the Congress and Trinamool, which have to stand in front of it, are in a fierce battle on the other. The rift between the two parties was triggered by the Trinamool’s provocation of Congress leaders on a large scale. Not only in North India, but also in the southern states, including Kerala, among the states where Mamata is playing this trick.

Following its landslide victory in the Bengal Assembly last May, the Trinamool has decided to expand itself as part of an effort to increase its influence outside the state. For that, they first raised the issue with the Congress. Political strategist Prashant Kishore is at the helm of Trinamool chief and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s plan to sack disgruntled Congress leaders.

The target is the BJP and the Congress

Although the ultimate goal of the Trinamool is the BJP, their way to it is the Congress. Trinamool aims to grow as many Congress leaders as possible in its camp. While the Congress leaders in Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Goa were targeted alone, they went one step further in Meghalaya – Trinamool Ranchi, where 12 of the 17 Congress MLAs, including former chief minister Mukul Sangma, were killed. With this, Trinamool became the main opposition in the state overnight.

Mukul Sangma

Trinamool ‘grew up’ in a dark and white state where the party had no influence. The Congress alleges that this is similar to the BJP’s move to split and swallow the opposition. Congress leaders have criticized the Trinamool for strengthening the BJP by weakening the Congress and for working with the BJP’s B team.

Mamata wants to be a strong face

But Trinamool does not shy away from criticizing the Congress. Trinamool claims that the Congress, which lost the last two Lok Sabha elections miserably, does not have the strength or strategy to bring down the BJP. Trinamool points out that the weak Congress can no longer be trusted and that Mamata Banerjee, who defeated the BJP in Bengal, deserves to be the strong voice of the Opposition.

Trinamool welcomes Congressmen by portraying Mamata as a fighter. Trinamool does not forget to give privileges to those who come from there – Sushmitha Dev (Assam) and Lucinho Faleiro (Goa) have already been given Rajya Sabha seats.

Mamata Banerjee, Rahul Gandhi

The Trinamool is mainly targeting those who have lost hope under the leadership of the Gandhi family. At the national level, the Trinamool has presented itself as a haven for those who want to leave the Congress and seek new pastures but are ideologically opposed to joining the BJP. Many of the leaders do not see any ideological contradiction in joining the Mamata-led Trinamool, a former Congress party.

The target is 2024

Recognizing that the first thing needed to increase influence outside Bengal is the presence of leaders in other states, the Trinamool is making moves to do so. Though leaders have been ousted from Tripura, Assam, Goa, UP, Haryana and Bihar, not all of them are influential across the state. According to party sources, the move is aimed at creating the impression that Trinamool’s acceptance is on the rise in every state. The next goal is to bridge the gap with the leaders who have been exploited and build party structures in the states through them.

Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee is convinced that defeating the BJP will not be easy for the opposition, which has replaced the Congress. Sharad Pawar, a senior opposition leader, also reminded Mamata. Trinamool is trying to make a strong presence in the opposition by staying in the ranks of the Congress in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The Congress’ move to elevate Rahul Gandhi as a fighter against Modi should not be overlooked.

In Kerala too, the party is looking for ‘those who have left’!

At the same time, the Trinamool Congress is preparing to become active in Kerala as well. Talks are in full swing with AV Gopinath from Palakkad and Mani C Kappan, who left the NCP in Pala. The leadership hopes that Mambaram Divakaran, who was expelled from the Congress in Kannur yesterday, is also likely to join the party. This is part of Mamata’s move to establish a presence in the southern states including Kerala and become a national party.

In Kerala, efforts are being made to bring in defectors and dissidents from the Congress, NCP and INL into the Trinamool camp. Prashant Kishore has been given the additional responsibility of organizing Kerala. CG Unni, who left the Congress with PV Anwar MLA and later became a member of the SDPI National Council, is expected to become the Trinamool Congress state general secretary.

CG Unni. Picture: Sajeesh Shankar

The Trinamool national leadership has been in talks with the Congress alliance with CG Unni for about a month. The leaders also confirmed that they had spoken directly to Mamata Banerjee on November 25. In Kannur, activists coming to Trinamool from parties including the CPM and Congress will be given a reception at the Jawahar Library Hall on December 2 at 2 pm. CG Unni said that the state committee comprising state president Manoj Sankaranalloor, public secretary Subhash Kundannoor and secretary Shamsuddin will meet in Kozhikode later in the night.

The merger meeting of those coming to Trinamool from various parties will be held in Kozhikode at the end of December. CG Unni said that the official announcement will be made after the state committee meeting on December 3. Currently, three district committees are active. It has been decided to activate all the committees before the Lok Sabha elections. The leaders said the aim was to strengthen the party’s base in the state within 90 days and hold a big event in Thiruvananthapuram with the participation of leaders including Mamata.

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