Will ‘Top’ and ‘Mew’ Rekindle Their Love in ‘Only Friends, Forbidden Friends’?

New Thai Series “Only Friends, Forbidden Friends” Sparks Interest

In the midst of an unfortunate misunderstanding, the characters “Mew” (played by Kasidet Book) and “Top” (played by Jirachaphong Boss) find themselves in a bitter argument. As a result, “Meow” (played by undisclosed actor) realizes that this relationship may be coming to an end. However, in a desperate attempt to reconcile, “Top” makes an effort to mend the broken bond. Will “Top-Mew” be able to reignite their love and find happiness once again?

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Excitement is building as the highly anticipated series, “Only Friends, Forbidden Friends,” is set to premiere this Saturday, September 23, at 20:30 on GMM25. The channel will also be offering replay opportunities for those who miss the initial airing. Notably, the show will be available to watch uncut for free through the unD app, starting at 21:45. Stay updated on all the latest developments by visiting and following the show’s social media pages on Instagram, YouTube, and X. Fans can also find updates on Weibo under the handle GMMTV.

After a misunderstanding has occurred, “Mew” (Kasidet Book) angry “Top” (Jirachaphong Boss) so hard and “Meow” I have to end this relationship. “Top” So I tried to reconcile and finally!! “Top-Mew” Will they be able to love each other again like before?

Follow and watch the series Only Friends, Forbidden Friends” will be available this Saturday, September 23 at 20.30 n. On the channel GMM25 and watch replays as UNCUT Free initially through the app. unD time 21:45 n. and update every move in & IG & YouTube & X & Weibo: GMMTV

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