Will Xbox Series S be reduced by around 5,000 yen? Come to think of it, he lamented that “there is little green in the shops”…

Most of them are already sold out, but I’m a little curious, so I’ll submit it (・∀・)

Microsoft Japan sells well all over the worldXbox S Seriesfor a limited time

5,000 yenprice cut

It appears that you are selling at

The fact that it’s sold out means it’s in demand, but… will it ever come back in stock?

So, in this flow, I remembered that Microsoft Japan

Less green in shops

I was grieving.

Then, I wonder if it will feel like running such a campaign regularly.

A campaign is underway to reduce the price of the Xbox Series S by 5,000 yen


First of all, here is the information… but most of them are already sold out, so you may not be able to buy them (;^ω^)

Recently, it seems that more and more people are buying the Xbox Series S because PS5 and XSX are hard to buy.

When Microsoft Japan buys Xbox Series S

5,000 yen worth of points and gifts

We are running a campaign to introduce (・∀・)

This is being held in stores such as Amazon and Bic Camera, and the period is between September 16, 2022 and September 30 at the longest.

However, note that the points and period you can get will change depending on the store, and that the Xbox Series X is not eligible.

By the way, the list price is around 33,000 yen, so if you get 5,000 yen cash back, you’ll get a change for 30,000 yen!

Shop fronts are getting less and less green… will you improve it in the future “three year plan”?


Well, PS5 may have raised the price by about 5,000 yen, but this actual price cut is kind of a hit.

Speaking of which, a while ago, Microsoft Japan

Less green in shops

That’s what he said in an interview with Nikkei Cross Trend (;^ω^)

In the first place, the recent Xbox brand

Gaming for All

That’s why we want to create an environment where users can play their favorite games on any device… So we want to sell consoles! It doesn’t seem to be true.

That said, it’s not like we’re going to stop selling them at all, and we need to improve the situation of “there’s not much green in stores.”


In this interview, Microsoft Japan said,

Next 3 year plan

In form, I was talking about appealing that “Xbox is here”.

I wonder if this actual 5,000 yen price drop is part of that.

Also, as it is a three year plan, it is not just the campaign related to TGS2022.

In the future, there may be a possibility to run a campaign that makes it easier to buy Xbox Series S or a campaign that makes it easier to buy Xbox Series X ( ・`ω ・´)

Well, I think it’s quite hard to sell in Japan, but I’m curious if the game industry will change in the future, since PS models don’t sell well!


So this recap…

・Limited time campaign to purchase “XBOX Series S” at a price discount of 5,000 yen
・ Microsoft Japan lamented that “green is becoming less and less in stores”
・ In the next three-year plan, we intend to increase the number of lawns on shop fronts.
・ I’m curious if this actual price reduction of 5,000 yen is part of that plan.
・ Since it is a 3-year plan, there may be regular price reduction campaigns in the future.

It was an article.

If you have the money to buy a nice gaming computer, you should buy it and play with it.

However, you can play the latest titles for around 30,000 yen without worrying about performance.

If you subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, you can play as many games as you want, which is a bit tempting.

Well, it depends on the game you can play (;^ω^)

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