Home Tech Will your Mac have Face ID “within a few years”? Is iPhone SE or iPad also for face recognition? –Engadget Japanese version

Will your Mac have Face ID “within a few years”? Is iPhone SE or iPad also for face recognition? –Engadget Japanese version

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Clues to Apple’s consideration of installing Face ID for facial recognition on Macs have previously been found within macOS beta. It is reported that it is expected to be realized within “a few years” in the future.

In the latest issue of the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said, “I think implementing Face ID on all major devices is the ultimate goal.” If that is possible, it should have already abolished Touch ID for fingerprint authentication.

But Apple was forced to keep Touch ID alive for several reasons. For example, iPads other than the iPhone SE and Pro have been adopted as a cheaper alternative that can reduce costs while ensuring security. Also, the MacBook series has a screen that is too thin to be equipped with the required depth sensor (TrueDepth camera that reads the shape of the face) -Gurman explains.

However, the Face ID installation should have differentiated the low-priced models such as the iPhone SE and MUJI iPad from the flagship iPhone and Pro models. Gurman predicts that “embedding a camera in the screen and eliminating the top notch can differentiate expensive devices.”

This is exactly what the proven analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in the 2022 iPhone 14 (provisional) that the notch was abolished and a punch hole (a self-portrait camera etc. was built in the screen, a hole was made in the display to give a view. It is consistent with what I said would be a design (to ensure).

Gurman also mentions the Mac. In other words, “I don’t think it will happen this year, but I think Face ID for Mac will come out within a few years,” and “I think all iPhones and iPads will move to Face ID within that period.” ..

The transition from Touch ID to Face ID is expected to come at a reasonable cost, but Gurman said, “Face ID provides two core functions: security and AR (augmented reality). Touch ID only offers the former, whether it’s convenient or not, “he emphasizes the significance of AR.

It’s no wonder that Apple has been focusing on AR over the last few years. CEO Tim Cook has also been enthusiastic about AR for several years and tends to treat AR elements every time there is a big event, so Gurman’s claim to unify with Face ID is quite convincing. There is power.

Unlocking by face recognition has already been realized with Windows Hello (biometric authentication function of Windows 10), and it has already been implemented in Microsoft’s Surface series. I don’t think it’s easy to install Face ID with a different design on a Mac, but I hope that the daily routine of “sit in front of a Mac and unlock it immediately” will come soon.


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