Williams F1 Representative “Albon and Latifi are treated exactly the same”[F1-Gate .com]

Williams F1 team representative Joest Capito says that in 2022 Alexander Albon and Nicholas Latifi will be treated equally.

Alex Albon, who had left the race as a reserve driver for a year, left Red Bull in 2022 and will return to F1 at Williams as a successor to George Russell, who transferred to Mercedes F1.

However, Joest Capito says Nicholas Latifi has equal opportunities to help the team progress further. The two have almost the same F1 experience, with Nicholas Latifi in 39 races and Alex Albon in 38 races.

“Of course, that’s good for both,” said Joest Capito.

“He doesn’t say’OK, I want to win the race’by joining. It’s clear that he has to develop a team with Nicky and us, and all the engineers and all of Globe. And he seems to enjoy this role. He works very well with Nicky. “

“We don’t have number 1 and number 2. Both are treated exactly the same. There is no doubt there.”

Joest Capito says Nicholas Latifi made good progress in 2021, although he was hidden behind George Russell.

“Nicky did a good job this year as well. All qualifying results show that he wasn’t in a position to surpass George, but in some situations it wasn’t his fault. rice field”

“And you can’t see the gap, it wasn’t big. Of course, being George’s teammate is a big challenge. He did really well and improved a lot throughout the season.”

“He was still in the second season, so I’m sure he can still improve, and last year’s first season was a really weird season at COVID.”

“There were so many new circuits this year that it was difficult for him again, and based on that he did a great job.”

Joest Capito says the established relationship between Alex Albon and Nicholas Latifi since the F2 era is a plus for the team.

“Alex and Nicky were racing together as teammates in 2018. They know each other and appreciate each other,” added Jost Mapito.

“George and Alex are personal friends. I think Alex is a perfect fit for the team in the current situation.”

“I think it’s a great second chance for Alex, and I’m sure he fits well in our environment. We have a lot of fun with him and he also gives us That’s right. I’m sure he’ll do very well. “

Regarding George Russell, who left the team, Joest Capito “George is a great team leader. It’s not enough to say rough diamonds. He’s already a polished diamond.”

“And he’s not in the best condition yet. I think he can still get better. But he’s a big asset for all teams at this stage, and he was for us. “

“On the other hand, it’s sad to see him leave, but that was predictable and we helped him get this chance, so he could get it. I’m very happy. ”

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