Wilmington Police said they had shot Christmas


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Wilmington shooting has been charged with a Newcastle man who left a 44 year old man in the hospital two days before Christmas.

Mr. S. Marshal, 37, was arrested on Sunday. Wilmington Police reported on Friday. Task Force members found that Smith was carrying handgun and .40-quality marijuana, including two edible marrow snacks.

According to police, Smith shot a 44-year-old man in 800 Wilmington block of East 13th Street on 23 December.

Derro Smith is responsible for shooting a man last December in Wilmington. (Photo: WILMINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT)

The police received the victim around 9:05 p.m. and brought to a district hospital.

The shooting was one of three days that day.

Smith was developed as a suspect by Wilmington Police Detective Matthew Reiss and an arrest warrant was issued in January, the police said. However, Smith was unable to get it and the case was referred to the Task Force of Supervisory Parties for assistance.

The members of the Monday Task Force found Smith in block 1300 of West Third Street in Wilmington and arrested him.

In addition to the handgun and the marijuana, the police said Smith was carrying two magazine guns, expanded ammunition, ballistic vest and Taser cartridge.

He was charged with assault, robbery, endangering the welfare of the child and some army charges. Wilmington Police did not say why Smith was charged with putting the welfare of a child at risk.

Christmas shooting Boy, 17, and man, 40, a shot in Wilmington

Other news Policing: A mother died in an apartment in the Newport area, herself, who knew how the child died.

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