Win ‘Chatchat’ to break through the Election Commission’s checkpoint, being sung on 2 stories, 7 tigers discussing, May 30, deciding on the Bangkok Governor-SorKhor.

Win ‘Chatchat’ to break through the Election Commission’s checkpoint, being sung on 2 stories, 7 tigers discussing, May 30, deciding on the Bangkok governor – Sor Kor.

On May 28, it was reported that at a meeting of the Election Commission (ECT) on Monday, May 30 at 1:00 p.m., the Election Commission will present a report on the results of the Bangkok governor’s election. (Governor of Bangkok) and members of the Bangkok Council (Sor. Kor.) attended the meeting to consider the announcement of the election results. by presenting the voting results in the part of the executives of 1 position and members of 50 positions by those who received the highest votes in the Bangkok Governor’s election Namely Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, candidate No. 8 on behalf of Independence received 1,386,215 votes, while the MPs consisted of Pheu Thai Party (PAD) 20 people, Kaw Klai Party 14 people, Democrat Party (PDP) 9 people. The Rak Bangkok trio, the Phalang Pracharath Party (PPC) and the Thai Sang Thai Party (TOT) have initially filed complaints about the candidates for the Bangkok governor’s office and the House of Representatives. . A total of 24 complaints, mostly complaints about the incorrect closure of the campaign label. and messages used to campaign blasphemy beyond the scope of authority Being a fraud, etc.

For Mr. Chatchart, there were 2 complaints: 1. In the case of Mr. Srisuwan Chanya, secretary-general of the Association of the Thai Constitution Protection Organization petition Election Commission asks for an investigation of Mr. Chatchat In the case of making campaign banners into vinyl, there is a hidden intent so that voters can recycle to make bags-aprons. in the scope of acts to incentivize voters Vote for yourself by means of making, offering, promising to give. Or prepare to give property or any other benefits that may be calculated as money or not. Initially, such cases are related to the election law Therefore, further investigation must be made to determine whether it is a promise to anyone after the election. according to the claim of the petitioner or not Or is it just a campaign policy to protect the environment? Recycling and re-use policies and 2. Complaints about the bureaucracy which was notified through other agencies, not directly from the Election Commission, claiming that Mr. Chatchart State the content as if the bureaucracy may affect operational barriers because there are many steps The plaintiffs claim that such an indication appears to be an insult to the bureaucracy. However, initially this case has nothing to do with the electoral law. And still can’t determine that it meets any law.

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