Win fit Ronaldo, keep an eye on Coutinho! Dissecting 5 issues, Man Utd visit Aston Villa

Manchester United face Aston Villa for the second time in a week. After they have a queue to visit Villa Park in the English Premier League game on Saturday, January 15 this match, the “Red Devils” still have to win the condition of the fitness of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is ready to enter the field or not, as with Steven Gerrard, the home team manager. will have another chance to revenge After leading the team to a defeat in the third round of the FA Cup on Monday Importantly, in this match, Flippe Coutinho will be launching the game in the good city league again.

1. Is Ronaldo ready?
Ralph Rangnick revealed that the four Manchester United players are Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Maguire, Jadon Sancho and Phil Jones. The body should be ready to help the team in the away game against Aston Villa, but there are issues that make fans “Red Devils” worried about “Hiado” who may still have problems.

The matter of the story is that many media in the country reported that Portugal national team captain Leaving the training ground to return home early from last Thursday’s training session with the team. It was revealed that the player injured his thigh. and the team doctor agreed to take care of the body at home

Win fit Ronaldo, keep an eye on Coutinho!  Eliminate 5 issues. Man Utd visit Aston Villa.

Therefore, the question arises, Will the five-time Ballon d’Or striker be fit in time for the away game at Villa Park?

In addition, having Maguire back in the standings with Raphael Varane would make the Manchester United defensive line stronger and would help David de Gea not have to make as many saves as in many games. past

2. Rashford has to prove himself.
Dr Racci has been heavily criticized after his side’s win over Villa in the FA Cup third round on Monday. Because the players show symptoms like people who are not dedicated to playing. There are also many strokes that tend to lose the ball often.

In the past, “Red Army” disciples and many football guru have suggested that Rashford should be arrested for rest in order to be more physically and mentally prepared. However, the players didn’t seem to think that way.

Win fit Ronaldo, keep an eye on Coutinho!  Dissecting 5 issues, Man Utd visit Aston Villa

because of the last picture England National Team Striker He was beaming while training with his teammates on Friday. Which confirms that he is mentally happy to be playing for the “Red Devils”. Importantly, Rashford wants to prove that he is still dedicated to the team.

Moreover, if the match with “Leo Ascend” Ronaldo does not really come on the field, of course, Rangnick wants Rashford to help create an offensive game. Keep in mind that this is a fast kicker. and can change the game in just a split second

3. Yellow cards cause poisoning. 2 important forces.

One of the problems that Rangnik must find a solution immediately. That is, Manchester United will be without Scott McTominay and Luke Shaw as both men have received five yellow cards, resulting in a penalty in the game. this

So the German boss You have to think carefully about who to send between Donny van de Beek and Fred, because the two positions in midfield, Nemanja Matic and Bruno Fernandes, should have already booked concessions.

Based on the concept of Rangnick, it is expected that he would like to use Fred paired with Matic more because both of them are outstanding in defensive games, plus in the case of the Brazilian star player. can also push the game well Both importantly, both will allow Bruno to have full freedom to play the attack game, while left-back Alex Tellis can easily replace it.

The most unfortunate thing is that Manchester United still has no Paul Pogba to help the team due to the player’s injury problems. But the good news that is enough to nourish the hearts of fans “Red Devils” is the star player of the blood of France. It will take a few more weeks to return to full training.

4. Launch Coutinho
Having said that, the highlight of this match is inevitable the return of the great football stage of Flippe Coutinho, a Brazilian playmaker. who came back to work with Steven Gerrard again, but in different statuses only

Stevie G worked with Coutie as a Liverpool player and almost helped the Reds win the Premier League in 2013/2014. Returning to the glorious days of both of them

Win fit Ronaldo, keep an eye on Coutinho!  Eliminate 5 issues. Man Utd visit Aston Villa.

Coutinho, however, has had little success at Barcelona and will have to leave Appehi at the Nou Camp to play on loan with the Lionesses until the end of the season. But do not forget that his potential is always dangerous. Especially in terms of individual abilities, dribbling and a sharp finish.

Villa fans will, of course, expect to see Coutinho bursting into form in his debut match on Saturday. But still they have to make up their minds. Because no matter how talented the players are But with the strength of the team at this time It might be hard to beat Man Utd.

Now, when talking about the pressure, it must be said that Manchester United are in that situation. Because they have to win in order to move the score closer to the 4th place as much as possible, because if they miss this event, they may be left far behind by their competitors.

Don’t forget that a few days earlier, Ronaldo made clear his intentions to join the “Red Devils” for the second round, not just for vacation, but to bring his beloved club back to greatness, especially by winning. champion

In addition, “Hiado” also hinted about the team’s ranking that not only finished in the top four, but also in the “top three”, because lower than this is considered unacceptable. If everything doesn’t go as Ronaldo wants this job, rumors that he will leave the team this summer are highly true!!

For the current situation, Manchester United would be difficult to win the Premier League. So what they need to focus on is the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League, as well as collecting as many points as possible in order to win the quota for the “Big Ear” trophy.

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