Win the world! Muhammad Ousman Musa nominated for the best young player in the world

Big news hits the world of Thai small table circles when Muhammad Usman Musa, in front of the Thai national futsal team and the Blue Wave Chonburi Free Fire Club, are among the 10 players who are nominated for the World’s Best Rising Star award in 2021. “Best Young Player in the World” at the annual Futsalplanet Awards. by the famous futsal website And this marks the fifth time in a row that it has been nominated for this award, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The list of nominees for the award includes:
1. Salar Akapur (Iran national team)/Mes Sungun (Iran)
2. Antonio Perez Ortega (Spain youth national team) / Jaen Paraiso (Spain)
3. Ernesto Claudio Guis (Brazil) / Joacaba Futsal (Brazil)
4. Kamil Graykarnov (Russia) / NFK Agadir (Russia)
5. Marcos Lien Ferreira (Argentina) / Racing Club (Argentina)
6. Miguel Angel Mayado (Spain / Jimby Cartagena F.S.(Spain)
7. Muhammad Usman Musa (Thai national team) / Free Fire Blue Wave Chonburi (Thai)
8. Pedro Enrique dos Santos Damaceno Ribeirao “Pedrinho” (Brazil) / Magnus (Brazil)
9. Anton Sokolov (Russia) / MFK Sinara (Russia)
10. Isaquil Gomes “Silky Te” (Portugal-Guinea-Bissau) / Club Sporting (Portugal)

The work of Muhammad Usman Musa, a 23-year-old shooting star, helps the Thai national team. Passed the play-off round from Asia Go to play Futsal World 2021 in Lithuania And qualified for the last 16 teams for the 3rd time and the national team program champion, SAT International FUTSAL CHAMPIONSHIP THAILAND 2021, which is currently referred to as a goal scorer in the Futsal League 2021 with 21 goals scored

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