“Window broken and stolen” Ivy’s car was stolen in the US … I saw the damage

Singer and musical actress Ivy revealed that she was robbed while traveling to the United States.

Ivy mentioned five events on her SNS on the 21st, saying, “It’s a memorable trip to the United States.”

The most shocking of these was the theft of a vehicle. Ivy revealed the interior of the car taken at the time of the incident, saying, “The thief broke the window of the car that was parked in the public parking lot on the first day and stole the sneakers.” The front and rear windscreens of the car were badly damaged, and pieces were thrown into the car seat. The intensity of the event could be known from the photograph alone.

He also wrote, “Long live our country,” he said, “It was not the developed country that the United States thought it was. There were thieves, homeless people, and drug addicts all over the streets.”

It wasn’t just bad things. Ivy posted a picture of herself picking up nine $20 bills during her trip to the US and shared an anecdote about her meeting with Hollywood actor Jared Leto.

Ivy met the audience recently through the musical ‘Aida’.

(SBS Entertainment News Reporter Kim Ji-hye)

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