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“Windows 10 Mini Tips” uses the latest Windows 10 environment at the time of each creation.

Images taken with an iPhone with iOS 11 or later are saved in HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format. The extension on the iPhone is .HEIC) instead of JPEG. Windows 10 can be supported by installing the “HEIF image extension”, but it is not easy to use. There are few compatible apps. For example, the figure below shows a message dialog when trying to open a HEIF file in Photoshop, but an error occurs saying “Not supported”.

If you look for it, there may be an application that supports HEIF files, but this time I would like to introduce a file format conversion method using “Photo”. To put it simply, it’s easy to think that you can open the HEIF file in Photo and save it as it is, but unfortunately this method cannot be used.

By switching to edit mode, “Photo” has a function to save the edited result in JPEG format instead of the original HEIC file. It is possible to convert HEIC to JPEG format by using this function.

After that, “Photo” will switch to the open state of the JPEG file, so you can edit and process it with any application from “…” → “Open with program”.

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