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Windows 11 originally made it difficult for users to change to browsers other than Edge, but the latest technology preview version of Windows 11 shows that Microsoft seems to take back this bad practice.

Microsoft released the Windows 11 beta Build 22509 on the Dev channel last week. The features include adding detailed changes related to the network, peripherals, and applications in the “Settings”. The description is rather vague, and it is not easy to understand what changes Microsoft has made.But one of them is quite practical: oneMicrosoft developers foundIn Build 22509, there is a new button under “Settings”> “Default App”, allowing users to switch the default browser from Edge to Chrome, Firefox, Brave and other products at a time.

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Originally Windows 10 allowed users to switch the default browser with one click, but in November Windows 11 users found that everything became very difficult. If a user forgets or neglects to activate Firefox, Chrome or other browsers for the first time, and does not press the “Always use this application” button in the prompt dialog box, Windows 11 will set Edge as the default browser. And it will be very troublesome to modify later; the user must go to the “Settings” of the control panel and click on the file or connection type, such as HTML, PDF, SVG, SHTML, WEBP, XHT, XHTML, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS, etc., one by one Click to change Edge to the browser you want. What Microsoft said at the time was that this adjustment was made based on user opinions and was to give users more detailed configuration options.

Regarding the latest update last week, Microsoft confirmed this to The Verge and also stated that the changes were made in response to user opinions.

However, this feature is currently in the beta version, and it will take a while to deploy to the official version. The media believes that the time point may be a major update in the first half of next year.

This is a welcome change, which means that Microsoft has heard the voices of users, but users should be more dissatisfied with Edge. Because even if the user successfully chooses Chrome and Firefox as the default browser, it is not applicable in Windows 11 search or widget, because these will still be directed to be launched by Edge. Some third-party apps, such as EdgeDeflector or Search Deflector, allow users to bypass Edge and open them in their desired browser. However, two weeks ago, App developers discovered that their App was blocked by Windows 11.

Another media found that when a Windows user recently used Edge to visit a Chrome download page, Edge popped up a message in an attempt to prevent the user from installing it. In addition, Edge recently added the Buy Now, Pay Later (Buy Now, Pay Later) function. Although Microsoft claims to simplify the procurement process, users are not hesitating to win the trust of users that Microsoft has hardly won in order to collect revenue, and return to IE. I feel angry and disappointed by ruining the old way of using experience.


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