Windows 11 Major Update Distribution Begins, What’s Changed?

On September 20, Microsoft released the Windows 11 2022 Update, a major update of Windows 11. In addition to adding several new features such as Start menu customization, live captions, and focus, we also announced that the Explorer tab feature will be added in minor update in October 2022.

First, customize the Start menu. You can adjust the number of pinned apps and suggested displays by adding a layout settings item to the Start menu settings. It also added the ability to create folders and organize apps in the Start menu.

Here are some improvements to the snap installation. Windows 11 has a feature called Snap Layout that allows you to instantly resize the window by holding the mouse pointer on the maximize button for a few seconds and placing it in a place you like. In this update, a way to use the Snap Layout function has been added, so you can call the Snap Layout function by dragging the window to the top of the screen.

Next is Windows Studio Effects, which can focus on camera video background audio or voice focus. In Windows Studio Effects, newly installed in Windows, you can use functions such as automatically blurring the background of the camera image used in video conferences or emphasize only the voice among the sounds that are input into the microphone. However, Windows Studio Effects may not be available depending on the hardware installed.

Next is the control bar which allows you to play the game smoothly. Connect an Xbox controller to the PC and press the Xbox button to display the control bar on the screen. The controller bar displays recently played games, so you can continue playing smoothly.

A focus function that can suppress the notification display has also been added. Focus is a feature that allows you to stop notifications with one click. It can also be connected to the watch, allowing you to properly manage your break time.

Next, the live caption function and the narrator function are strengthened. In this update, a live caption function is added that visualizes the audio output from the PC as subtitles on the screen. The Narrator function has also been updated so that the voice is more natural than the current narrator.

In addition, from the time of the announcement of Windows 11 in June 2021, it has appealed that Android apps and games can be run through the Amazon App Store. In August, a preview version of the Amazon App Store was also released, but the distribution of the preview version of the Amazon App Store to 31 countries was announced anew. Microsoft says that in countries where the Amazon App Store is available, more than 20,000 Android apps and games are available.

In addition, Microsoft has also revealed that it will add tabs to Explorer in a minor update in October. This eliminates the need to open multiple windows when handling multiple folders at the same time. Relevant information can be found here.

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